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You can find anything you want in our own page profiles, but what about all of us? I will tell you a little of we are and what all the weird names you see in our reviews mean.

I'm Yiota, the person who started the blog. The guys also call me overlord, bad admin, master, etc. Some call me by name. The 2nd person who joined the blog was Filios, but he left us a month later. Filios is one of my best friends (we started to be friends in High School) so you still might see him mentioned in some of our movie reviews though. Along with Filios, also came Nina. With Nina i'm friend since Middle School. After we finished High School, we didn't talk much but even then it was one of the first persons i though taking at the blog since i know her love for books and movies. So little later after Filios left us, i also got Johnny. Johnny is another of my best friend, and i know him for..hmmm...about 15 years! Yeah he wins! :P. He usually reviews games, but from time to time you might see a book or movie review too. He usually is really mean to me as well and making fun of me all the time. He is a bad person but keep it a secret please.

And then we have the trio! The last three people are all from my university. They saw how awesome we are and got jealous! Athanasia was the first to admit defeat. Then was Silvestro. He does not like to call him by his real name or have photos of him. He does game reviews. A LOT! And lastly, we have my Anonymous Minion F. He took the place of the manga reviewer after i told him, i will start write them and got mad because as he said "i have no idea about manga so i should not review them." He also said "you should stop reading mangas because each time you start a new one, a character dies". All those are lies! Do NOT listen to him.

Here is the whole team, you can also see awesome onion photos of us below. Now, i'm still trying to get another manga reviewer. And you also might see names like: Xrisanthi, Periklis, Mixalis in our reviews since they are too part of the awesome gang we have.

I will try to make the guys comment something as well.
-xoxo, Yiota


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* ONE entry per person & per email. If you enter more than once, your entries will be deleted.
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