Upcoming Reviews

Upcoming Reviews :
Y=Yiota, N=Nina, J=Johnny, A=Athanasia,S=Silvestro,M=Anonymous Minion F, bold=scheduled

Book - Wheel of Time Series (F)
Graphic Novel - The Last Airbender: The Promise (Y)
Graphic Novel - Freedom! (Y)
Graphic Novel - Courtney Crumrin and the Night (Y)
Movie - Hoodwinked (J)
Movie - Hoodwinked, Too (Y)
Movie - In Time (N)
Movie - Kimi ni todoke (Y)
Movie - The Red Hill (J)
Movie - Mission Impossible 4 (Y)
Movie - Abduction (N)
Movie - The Baxter (J)
Movie - Ninja Assassin (M)
Movie - Descendants (A)
Movie - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (A)
Movie - Underworld: Awakening (Y)
Movie - Tower Heist (Y)
Movie - Rise of The Planet Of The Apes (Y)
Movie - What's Your Number (Y)
Movie - Real Steel (Y)
Movie - Bunraku (Y)
Movie - The Sorcerer and the White Snake (Y)
Movie - We Bought A Zoo (Y)
Movie - Mirror, Mirror (N)
Movie - Snow White and the Huntsman (Y)
 Movie - The Iron Lady (Y)
Movie - This Means War (Y)
Movie - John Carter (Y)
Movie - The Art of Getting By (N)
Movie - 21 Jump Street (Y)
Movie - Sherlock Holmes 2 (Y)
Movie - Puss In Boots (Y)
Movie - The 3 Kingdoms: The Ressurection of the Dragon (J)
Anime - Anohana (Y)
Anime - Kimi ni Todoke (Y)
Anime - Maid Sama! (Y)
Game - Dynasty Warriors 6 (J)
Game - Lord of the Rings Conquest (J)
Game - Guilds Wars: Eye of the North (J)
Game - Guild Wars: Factions (J)
Game - Skyrim (J)
Game - Disciples III (J)
Game - Battle Realms (J)
Game - Tekken 6 (Y)
Game - Soul Calibur VI (Y)
Manga - Bleach Bootleg (Y)
Manga - Bleach SOULs. (Y)
TV - New Girl (Y)
TV - Vampire Diaries (Y)
TV - Hart of Dixie (Y)
TV - Supernatural (Y)
TV - Game of Thrones (Y)
TV - Gossip Girl (Y)
TV - Glee (Y)
TV - Nikita (Y)
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