Book Reviews

Abe Shana:
The Smoke Thief
Alan Addison Sarah:
The Sugar Queen
Argyle Michelle:
Ashcroft Ras:
Supervillain - The Concise Guide
Ballantine Phillipa:
Book of the Order - Geist
Book of the Order - Spectyr
Beaudoin Sean:
You Killed Wesley Payne
Bennet Kenneth:
The Gaia Wars
The Battle For Cascadia
Benway Robin:
The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June
Bergren Lisa:
Berry Brinda:
The Waiting Booth
The Whisper of Memory
Biaolis CP:
The Forging - The Sword and the Flame
Bishop Elora:
Cage the Darlings
Blake Kendare:
Anna Dressed In Blood
Brenna Rees Sarah:
Demon's Lexicon
Brown Dan:
The Lost Symbol
Bryan J.L:
Jenny Pox
Bowman Kim:
Wayward Soul
Buroker Lindsay:
Emperor's Edge 
Burtenshaw Jenna:
Cast Kristin/P.C:
House Of Nights - Marked
House Of Night - Betrayed  
House Of Night - Chosen 
House Of Night - Untamed 
House Of Night - Hunted 
Chand Emlyn:
Farsighted #1 - Farsighted
Clare Cassandra:
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Ashes
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Glass
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Fallen Angels
The Infernal Devices - Clockwork Angel
Coehlo Paulo:
The Valkyries
Collins Nancy:
Golgotham - Right Hand Magic
Collins Suzanne:
The Hunger Games - Hunger Games
The Hunger Games - Catching Fire
The Hunger Games - Mockinjay
Colfer Eoin:
Artemis Fowl - The Atlantis Complex  
Conant Courtney:
The Blood Moon of Winter
Cook Kristi:
Cross Kady:
The Girl In The Steel Corset 
Cummings Michael John:
Ugly To Start With
Curley Marriane:
Old Magic
The Guardians Of Time - The Named
The Guardians Of Time - The Dark
The Guardians Of Time - The Key
Cypess Leah:
Davis Bryan:
Raising Dragons
Delaney Joseph:
The Last Apprentice - The Curse of the Bane
Dieppen van Alison:
The Oracle Rebounds
Derrek The Ghost:
Scary School
Descrochers Lisa:
Personal Demons
Ellison Avery Kate:
Enge James:
The Wolf Age
 Becca Fitzpatrick
Feist Raymond:
Jimmy The Hand
Flanagan John:
Ranger's Apprentice - The Ruins Of Gorlan
Ranger's Apprentice - The Burning Bridge
Ranger's Apprentice - Icebound Land
Ranger's Apprentice - Oakleaf Bearers
Ranger's Apprentice - The Sorcerer of the North
Ranger's Apprentice - The Siege of Macindaw
Flinn Alex:
A Kiss In Time  
Freeman Pamela:
Ember and Ash
Frost Heather:
Gaiman Neil:
Gamber Jackie:
Garder  John:
Dragon, Dragon
Garret Melissa:
The Spirit Keeper
Gibbins David:
Girardi Ashley:
Goldsmith Susan:
Goodman Alisson:
Eon: Rise Of The DragonEye
Singing The Dogstar Blues
Green Layton:
The Summoner
The Egyptian 
Grover Swank Denise:
Hale Shannon:
Hallaway Tate:
Almost To Die For
Harvey Alyxandra:
Drake Chronicles - Hearts At Stake
Drake Chronicles - Blood Feud
Drake Chronicles - Out For Blood
Harris Joanne:
Gentlemen and Players
Harris Charlaine:
Dead Until Dark
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead To The World 
Dead as a Dornail
Havard Amanda:
The Survivors
Point of Origin
Hawkins Rachel:
Hex Hall - Hex Hall
Hex Hall - Demonglass
Hearn Liam:
Tales of The Otori - Across The Nightingale Floor
Henry Angela:
The Paris Secret
Hershey F.A:
Hines Jim:
The Stepsister Scheme
Holder Nancy:
Hutchings James:
The New Death And Others 
Ivy Rose Alyssa:
Beckoning Light
Jackson Demethius:
The Realmsic Conquest
Jordan Robert:
Wheel Of Time #1 - Eye Of The World
Jordan Sophie:
Kayla Cluver:
Keaton Kelly:
Darkness Becomes Her
King A.S.:
The Dust Of 100 Dogs
King Robert:
Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny
Kreitzer Laura:
Soul Stalker
Kline Savvanah:
Beloved of the Fallen
Lane Jennifer:
Lee Y.S:
A Spy In The House
The Body At The Tower
Lemon Melissa:
Cinder and Ella
Levine Garson:
A Tale Of Two Castles
Lignor Amy:
Until Next Time
Livingston Lesley:
Wondrous Strange - Wondrous Strange
Lore Pittacus:
I Am Number Four
MacManus Sarah:
Magee Jamie:
Markaris Petros:
Che Commits Suicide
The Late Night-News
Basic Shareholder
Balkan Blues
Marouf Mariaam:
Melling O.R:
The Hunter's Moon
McGuan Maureen:
Cinderella: Ninja Warrior
Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer
McDermott Andy:
Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 1: The Hunt of Atlantis
Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 2: The Tomb of Hercules
Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 3: The Secret of Excalibur
Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 4: The Covenant of Genesis
Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 5: The Cult of Osiris
Mead Richelle:
Georgina Kincaid Series - Succubus Blues
Georgina Kincaid Series - Succubus On Top 
Vampire Academy - Last Sacrifice 
Bloodlines - Bloodlines 
Bloodlines - The Golden Lily
Morrow Jason:
The Deliverer
The Gatekeeper
The Reckoning
Morrin B.C:
Mark Of The Princess
Moulton Courtney Alisson:
Angelfire - Angelfire
Mull Brandon:
A World Without Heroes
Muto Michelle:
The Book Of Lost Souls
Don't Fear The Ripper
Neil Chloe:
Nelson Resa:
The Dragonslayer's Sword
The Iron Maiden
Nilsson Per:
Heart's Delight 
Oates Joyce Carol:
Oliver  Jana:
The Demon's Trapper Daughter
Owen James. A.:
The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica Book 1-2
Owens Robins:
Enchanted No More
Paolini Christopher:
Patterson James:
Witch & Wizard
Picirilli Tom:
Every Shallow Cut
Pirsig Robert:
Zen and the Motorcycle Maintenance
Pot Cindy:
Silver Phoenix
Fury of Phoenix
Radnly Derek:
Skulguggery Pleasant
The Mayfair Moon
Reef Catherine:
Jane Austen: A Life Revealed
Riordan Rick:
The Lost Hero
Reichs Kathy:
Rose Willow:
Afterlife - Beyond
Ress Celia:
The Wish House
Sapwoski Andrezj:
The Witcher #1 - Blood Of Elves
Sedwick Markus:
The Book of Dead Days
St. Crow Lili:
Strange Angels - Strange Angels
Strange Angels - Betrayals
Strange Angels - Jealousy
Strange Angels - Defiance
Screiber Ellen:
Once In A Full Moon
Shrewsbury Steven:
Smith L.J:
Vampire Diaries - The Awakening & The Struggle
Vampire Diaries - The Fury & The Reunion 
Vampire Diaries - The Return: Nightfall
Somper Justin:
Vampirates - Demons Of The Ocean
Vampirates - Tide Of Terror
Vampirates - Dead Deep
Vampirates - Blood Captain
Vampirates - Empire Of The Night 
Vampirates - Immortal War
Steines Sheryl:
The Day of the First Sun
Stephens Berin:
Time Gangsters
Stephen John:
The Books Of Beginning - The Emerald Atlas
Stiefvater Maggie:
The Wolves Of Mercy Falls - Shiver
Stoker Bram:
Stone Feather:
The Guardian's Wildchild
Tarwater Tristan:
Thieves At Heart
Tidhar Lavie:
Camera Obscura
Turner Max:
Night Runner
Torero Tamra:
Shayla Witherwood
Tyler Parvati:
Two Moons Of Sera
Valiukas Joanne:
Danann Frost Falls From Grace
Vaughn Carrie:
Voices of Dragons
Vega Estevan:
Yalom Irvin:
The Shopenhauer Cure
When Nietzsche Wept 
Walters Eric:
The Taming
Westover Stever:
Crater Lake 
Whittinghton  Belle:
Williams Cinda Chima:
Seven Reals - The Demon King
The Heir Chronicles - The Warrior Heir
The Heir Chronicles - The Wizard Heir
The Heir Chronicles - The Dragon Heir
Weeks Brent:
The Way Of Shadows
Zeitlin Meredith:
Freshmen Year & Other Unnatural Disasters
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