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  • We now have a web developers & designers team which is available for work. For anything graphics related (covers,cards,sites) you can e-mail us at:
From today (Mar.3rd, 2012) until farther notice, we do not accept any review requests.The TBR pile, need to get smaller before we accept more books for review. We will still read your email, in case you still want to sent us but the answer will be 99% a "no".
UPDATE (Apr.13th,2012): Even though we do not officially accept review requests, we still get many. From now on, we will reply only to the ones we accept to feature in our blog.  

Review Policy
In our blog we review books, movies, series, games, etc but i highly doubt they are giving anything besides books for review so the review policy is about the Book Publishers and Authors. If you want us for something, you can still contact us at the same e-mail.

It's important to know that we started the blog to share our ideas and opinions with others, in a way different than the rest blogs. We are trying to make our posts easy-reading, funny and with our real thoughts and opinions. Sometimes we are harsh but at the same time we can praise something and totally fall in love with it. In everything you will send, will be ourselves as always. We support reading, no matter what though! For the negatives reviews, we try to point out the good things as well.

Books we accept: Old and new, published/unpublished, part of series. Keep in mind that if a book is part of series (not the first one), and we are new to the series you must be able to sent us the previous books as well.
Formats: We are mostly traditional readers and not fond of reading in front of computer.
  • In case you have a printed version available and want us to review it, email us at or fill the form at the end of this page. We accept printed copies of the genres below and if we are interested. Keep in mind, we are all from Greece so you will have to send overseas (most of you).
  • As for digital copies. We are a little more picky with the digital copies, because there is only one person who can review them. So don't be surprised if we are not interested in every copy you sent.
Reviews available to posted at: this blog,, Goodreads, GetGlue our Twitter accounts and Facebook.
Categories available for review: Fantasy, Young Adults (all genres), Paranormal Romance, Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Kid's Books,Comics,Graphic Novels. You can see a list of what we like in our Reviews Section.

We all live in Athens, Greece. If you're not willing the shipping of the book, it's ok. We are still available for interviews, guestposts, hosting your giveaways and take parts in books tours.

Blog Stats (last update Aug  3rd,2012):
We started the blog at: Aug.16th, 2010
Followers: 1164
Twitter Followers: 866 (+ listed in 61 twitter lists)
Facebook Followers: 516
Goodreads: 809 Friends
Klout Score:67
GetGlue Followers: 155
Tumblr Followers:101
Daily Views: Around 900 every day
Montly Views: Around 25.000 
Most viewed by: United States, Greece, UK, India,Spain,Canada,Philippines and Australia

Additional Info: None of the books received will be for sale. If we decide to do a contest with any of them, you will be informed.

Look forward to working with you!
-Splash Of Our Worlds Team

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