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Book Review: Dancing With Death (+Giveaway)

Murders have plagued the woods in the past, making them a place of fear. Eighteen year old Wendy and her frieds become worried when a new string of murders come to their high school. After a horrible car accident, Wendy returns to school, going from wallflower to popular overnight. As the murderer edges closer to Wendy, she realizes things are changing. She is afflicted with nightmares that are all too real and she herself is undergoing unnaatural changes. Learning the truth about her past, could be the key to saving her future.

Dancing With Death
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 410 (ebook)
Part of Series: A Dancing Book #1
Purchased: Review for tour
Rating: 5/5 stars
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I chose to read this book, because of its interesting summary. A book about murders and 18-year-old characters, instead of 16-year-old, felt better and worth reading.

So, if I had to choose one word to describe the book, that word would be: Horny.

Wendy is this simple girl with no other friends than her two best ones and absent parents. She lives normal for a kid in her age and that made me relate to her, because she seems more mature than her age and her lifestyle.
Her friend Halle, is  a little crazy and she loves gossip. And her other friend Jackson is the reasonable one in the group. I liked all those main characters, especially because they are such loyal friends, who really love Wendy and stand by her, no matter what.

Then Wendy has the accident and suddently, there are two guys wanting her. I'm not saying there is something wrong in here, but she was really into both guys. Reading only Wendy's point of view meant that we had to read all the making out scenes, which were a lot and very hot, mostly in the first half of the book. Hence, the horny description. Also, the author tends to describe the clothes Wendy is wearing, the make-up she uses and the accessorize she prefers.

At the second part, things are getting better, because Wendy chooses between the two guys. Her nightmares are getting more intense and she learns the truth about her past. I was really anxious about learning Wendy's past, mostly because in the entire book there is no clue of what may happen. In my opinion, it was really good to learn all these things at the end, because it makes the whole book worth it and make sense. Some might find it boring, especially those who aren't fans of girly stuff and making out scenes.

If there is a bad thing about the book that would be that there is no action, despite the nightmares being very scary. It was easy to find out who the killer was. And most of the things in Wendy's life were coming somehow easily. Her friends and boytfriend didn't freak out at the truth. And I have to admit that her relationship with her boyfriend became very true, very fast. Also, Wendy kept interrupting the explanations of her mother, because the things she learnt were so extraordinary. Selfishly, I would say that, even though her reactions were normal, I really hated them, because I was eager to find out the whole story.

Bottom line, it was a nice book. Very girly and sensual. I think I gained one or two fashion tips, although I'm nothing like Wendy. And it leaves you not with questions, but anxious at what will happen to Wendy. I liked it and I hope you like it too.

P.S.: There is a character named Nina too. But we don't see her much and she's totally not like me. Anyway, I was just a little surprised when I saw it and thought to mention it.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm intrigued. The plot sounds great. I'm on a buying ban so winning an ecopy would be fab!

  2. Awesome review! Thanks for hosting me and taking the time to read my book. You are fantabulous!


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