Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Review: The Dragon's Egg

In the fourth and final book of the Dragonslayer series, Mandulane's army is poised to attack the Northlands in the name of a powerful god, but in truth Mandulane is using the act of spreading this new faith as a way to disguise his own personal greed and hunger for power. Astrid has succeeded in warning her beloved country of imminent danger, and the Northlanders scramble to set up a clever defense, never realizing a spy in their midst is poised to take critical information directly to Mandulane. After sacrificing herself in order to set her brother Drageen free for the sake of protecting the Northlands, Astrid finds herself controlled by the stone of light. Although it forces her path of destiny, Astrid learns she must make one final choice about who she wants to be. Most important of all, her new sweetheart Trep encounters a dragon that entrusts him with the care of a dragon's egg. Trep embraces a dangerous journey and accepts the duty of protecting the unhatched dragon, knowing that its safety could impact the fate of the entire world.

The Dragon's Egg
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 222 (ebook)
Part of Series: The Dragonslayer Series #4
Purchased: Review for tour
Rating: 5/5 stars

I'm always a little sad but at the same time happy for the conclusion of a series. And the Dragonslayer's series came to an end with the Dragon's Egg.

I enjoyed the three books before and this is not different! Resa Nelson's writing is still compelling and straightforward but still beautiful in a way that shares with you the magic of the book. The story is progressing with many surprises and with tons of action. The fact that even in the fourth book there was a place for getting the story a step forward and not just finishing it was something that i really liked. It was like the story still had secrets to reveal and grow and not just answer everything. Though there are no lose ends on some serious matters in the end which is good.

Astrid was one of my favorite characters at the previous books and of course she still was amazing, and even in the end we see how she shapes herself but it was another person that i loved to read about in this book. Drageen. He is different, changed and you get to see the world through his eyes and understand him way better than before. He is quite an interesting character and really different than Astrid even though they are brother and sister. His story in this one, was my favorite part to read following later Trep. Trep, a character who i didn't really pay attention before came to steal all the glory from Astrid. I liked how you could follow different people and see how the story changed them and actually connect with them.

The book does not have the perfect happy ending because it's life. It feels real. And the closing scene is one of the most beautiful scenes i've ever read, creating a sad smile but still a smile at my face. A wonderful series about dragons and humans and most importantly the change of people and the world. Enjoyed it to the core and i actually wish there was a little more. I will miss those characters.

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