Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Reader & RSS Feeds

Hey ya all! Did you miss a non-related book post? Because i have one...

This one is regarding RSS Feeds and Google Reader. I know many of you, follow hundreds of blogs and many of you check it through Google Reader via RSS feeds. I know i do. And Google Reader was never one of my favorite things to use and that's why i always searched for another program to read my Google Reader feeds.

So here i present you READFINE ! It gives rss feeding and entirely different look. You can do everything as you do in your reader BUT it's more beautiful! It's  like reading a newspaper...personally i loved it so i decided to use it from now on...It's loading really fast too. And there is also another layout where you can see your feeds as headlines with summaries! Download it here.

Just wanted to share this with you since people have asked me before if i have an "app" for reading feeds at my computer. I previously used Desktop Google Reader but when it has over 50 posts, it loads way slow...and i'm not talking when you have like over 150 when it might crush.

-xoxo, Yiota

And something entirely different than the whole post...the Tour for "The Day of First Sun" has started. You will be getting a review probably tomorrow :) . BUT! It's a tour hosted by Novel Publicity which means there are over $450 for you to win!! So stay tuned and do every days simple task to win (like tweeting, or sharing at facebook,etc).

Also, if you could please vote for us at the "Traffic Braker Poll" case you don't who we are..."Splash of our Worlds" is the name. THANKS!!

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