Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TV Series Review: House of Anubis (Season 2)

 House of Anubis is a British-American adaptation of the hit Belgian/Dutch teen mystery television series Het Huis Anubis, created by Studio 100 and Nickelodeon. The series follows a group of eight teenagers, who live together in Anubis House (named after the Egyptian god, Anubis), an early 1900s-era building that serves as a boarding house for an elite boarding school in the United Kingdom.

House of Anubis (Season 2)
Released: 2011-12
Runtime: 90 episodes/10 mins
Rating: 4/5 stars
Buy: Not Available Yet

I'm obsessed with House of Anubis. The summer of 2011 i came upon the series and i fall in love with them, so when Season 2 started i was watching daily without missing an episode.

In Season 2, the kids are coming back to House of Anubis, after their adventures with the elixir of Immortality. And this year, we have more magic, more riddles, more adventure, new student, new couples and more fun. Not only it had more episodes than previous season but it was way better too. Each episode, ended with a cliffhanger and you were getting as anxious as the characters on who will find the Anubis mask first. I fell in love with the whole solve riddles to get closer. It was like watching a live game - and some of there were quite clever too.

Except the storyline, they worked more on their special effects too. They are not super wow, but there is an improvement there. The actors as well, seemed to know their characters a little better and portrayed them better too. There is also a new kid in school (American like Nina), and suprisingly as many thought, he is not the one going between Nina and Fabian. He is completely out of their story. As for the old ones, it's funny how the people i disliked previous season were my favorites now and the opposite for those who liked. You get a better look at their characters and everything changes.

For series with not a big budget, and barely known to any other people than the ones watching Nickelodeon, they are damn good. I could watch it again and again.It has little of everything in a boarding school in England, and who says no to that? I know i don't!!

There is some news that will be a Season 3 too but nothing it's officially confirmed by the channel.


  1. I started watching the first season a while ago, but it just didn't catch my attention. The acting wasn't the greatest and the story seemed kind of lame, but your review makes me rethink my opinion. I'll have to remember this one next time I'm looking to start something new :]

    1. Yes that's true. The acting of first season wasn't good. I remember mentioning at my review. But i have a thing for mystery series like it so i watched 2nd season too. Still, it's not the best but it's way better than the previous season :)

  2. both of you are so supid house of anubis rocks thats not true the first season was a-maz-ing and so was season 2 i love house of anubis and i would to meet the cast of house of anubis

  3. i love house of anubis and it rocks and i loved season 1 and 2 aswell

  4. house of anubis rocks and i loved season 1 and 2

  5. i loved season 1 and 2 of house of anubis three words for you guys which are A-MAZ-ING



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