Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Review: Jimmy The Hand

The third novel of Feist's successful collaborative series. From the endlessly inventive mind of one of fantasy's all time greats, comes a spellbinding new adventure of high magic, treachery and bloody war. This time in conjunction with master of alternative US history, Steve Stirling, Feist returns to tell the full tale of one of his fans' favourite most colourful Riftwar characters, pickpocket, montebank and confidence trickster Jimmy the Hand. Jimmy the Hand, boy thief of Krondor, lived in the shadows of the city. The sewers were his byways and a flea-ridden, rat infested cellar his home. Gifted beyond his peers, he was still but a nimble street urchin, a pickpocket with potential. Until the day he met Prince Arutha. Aiding the Prince in his rescue of Princess Anita from imprisonment by Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra, Jimmy ran afoul of Black Guy's secret police. Fearing reprisal and seeking an opportunity to advance his place in life, Jimmy fled the city and ventured north to the relatively safe haven of Sarth. Suspecting the rural villagers had never encountered a lad with his talent and nose for finding wealth - other people's wealth, Jimmy was unprepared for what greeted him. For Sarth was home to others who trod the dodgy path, and more, to a darker secret, a dangerous presence unknown to even the local thieves and smugglers. Jimmy's youthful bravado and courage plunge him deep into the maw of chaos and death.

Jimmy The Hand
Publication Date: 2003
Pages: 400 (hardback)
Part of Series: Legends of the Riftwar #3
Purchased: Bought
Rating: 3/5 stars
Buy: Book Depository || Amazon (US) || Amazon (UK)

Raymond Feist is my favorite fantasy writer and his character Jimmy The Hand is one of my TOP 5 characters not only in his books, but like ever. So a book just for him is like paradise for me.

I think that everyone who reads Feist and read this book, can see the difference in the writing style and the way the story is presented because of Sterling. The book gives you an entirely different view on Jimmy's character and it's really different than the rest books by Feist. Instead of a huge wild war, we have a smaller adventure after the events at The Magician #2 of Riftwar Cycle.  The story is not as impressive, but it is an easy read that can be read fast.

Jimmy is a young boy here, before he starts being awesome. It's funny because i never payed attention to him at that age at the rest books so it was a little difficult to connect with him. I like how honorable and a good man can be for a thief. I certainly didn't enjoy his character as much as the other books. He seems way more complex and interesting in the rest series while here, he is a simple character that doesn't stay at your mind at the of book. If he wasn't Jimmy, i would have forget all about him.

Still i quite enjoyed the book. It's one of the optional books written for the series of Feist. Certainly not as good as King's Buccaneer or Princes Blood but good enough. I have some of the rest optional books already at my shelves waiting to be read. I hope to do it soon.

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