Saturday, July 14, 2012

Game Review: Quantum Conundrum

When you, as a young boy, are dropped off to visit your uncle, you notice somethings wrong. First, he's not there to greet you. Second, there's the explosion that happened right as you arrived. And third, the house seems to be even weirder than you remembered it.
Now, your job is to find and ultimately rescue your uncle, by using his newest invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS), to switch between dimensions and solve puzzles.
That sofa too heavy to move?
Theres a dimension for that; Switch to Fluffy Dimension and that sofa is now light as a feather.
Need to get up to a high ledge?
Theres a dimension for that Just switch to Anti-Gravity Dimension and things begin to float upward.
Need to make things heavier?
Theres a dimension for that as well, you get the idea. Switch dimensions in real time, work your way through the crazy complex mansion wings and rescue your uncle.

Quantum Conundrum
Release Date: June 21, 2012
Rating: 5/5 stars 
Console: PC, PS3
Buy: Amazon (US) || Steam Store


I was searching for a puzzle, or riddle, solving game to pass my time when I stumbled upon this diamond. To solve the puzzles of this game you are required to have perception of every little piece in the room, the ability to put them together and of course timing and coordination.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very enjoyable. It did not hinder my progress in any way, it even helped it with its fast response to keys pressed and it's perfect camera system. I think more games should get an example out of this. At first look it seems like any other first person action game but that is not true. I don't know exactly how it is done, or why, but the fact is that the character was always in sync with me and that is something I don't see very often.

Story: The story is good. It is about a mad scientist uncle that gets in trouble with his newest invention and gets trapped in another dimension. So you have to save him by powering each part of his manor. And of course the manor is full of weird rooms filled with inventions.

Graphics: The graphics are tottaly awesome. The animations are fluid, the fluids are extremely realistic, you really feel the change between dimensions. I could actually estimate the weight of a safe just by looking its motion. And not even a tiny glitch in sight. Great job there guys.

Last but not least I really have to mention that the uncle, who acts like a narrator most of the game, is voiced by one of my favorite actors ever, John De Lancie, who is mostly known for his role as Q in star trek next generation. Come on guys, go buy it, chop chop.

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