Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book Review: The Taming

Katie likes to believe she's invisible. It seems much safer than being exposed as she is--shy, poor, awkward. So getting up on stage in the school production of The Taming of the Shrew should be complete torture. But as Katie tells it, something totally unexpected happened when she stepped on stage: "My head exploded. I loved it. Acting hit me like a sucker punch and I loved, loved, loved it! . . . Invisible Katie became visible Katharina."

Evan Cooper is, as they say, another story. He knows just what it takes to get noticed, and he uses every one of the skills he's honed after years of being the new kid. Like tossing the keys to his father's high-end Audi to a kid he's never met, first day of school. "I have insurance for car theft," he explains to a shocked Danny. "And there's a full tank." An abuse of the power that comes with privilege and money? Sure.

But more dangerously, is his romance with Katie another version of the same thing? Or is it the real thing?

The Taming
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 240 (paperback)
Part of Series: -
Purchased: Won
Rating: 2/5 stars
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REVIEW: no. Not only i was expecting something different, but i didn't like what i found at all. 

The writing of the book is easy and simple. The dialogues were reminding me the way we really talk, and that was a good thing when you have to do with a book placed in your world. You need to connect with something. So yes, the way it was written made it easy for me to read it. And even though, i did not really liked the book i finished the whole thing, so i guess that's something. 

For starters i didn't like the plot. It started really good but it was too dark and depressing. I mean i have enough problems in my life, i don't need to be more depressed and sad. Definitely not a book, that makes you feel better. At least for me. The whole thing is around the relationship between Evan and Kate. A relationship which i found really boring and fake. There was really no chemistry between them and didn't convince me. Plus, it seemed like all the bad luck in the world was on those two people. Not only in their relationship but in their family environment too. Which was another thing that didn't convince me. I mean okay...our lives can be bad, but so many bad things at both the main characters was too much for me. I could barely see the light in this book.

And second big problems were the characters. They were so sketchy. Even though you follow both their POVs, you barely really get to know them or connect with them. All the scenes and days are so fast, that i didn't really feel the story. And for what i saw of them, i didn't really like them. Well, Evan is an ass. Simple as that. I don't see how a girl would like to be with him, no matter his money and looks. And Kate was so freaking innocent and sometimes so stupid. She kinda deserved what happened to her. She had it coming. I really dislike characters with no power over their lives. Pawns. At least at the end, she understood what was happening and left him. THANK YOU! Did he have to hit you to know?

I can't say i really enjoyed the book, but i did finish the whole thing which is surprising. Maybe it was because i wanted to see how far would go? No idea.

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