Saturday, August 4, 2012

Event Recap: League of Legends Greek Launch

Sooooo...Johnny was supposed to write the recap for the event, but he is lost somewhere in a camp doing things and we are already TOO late with the recap so i will do it. I was thinking about translating the original article but it won't make much sense so i will just write a new one. Damn vacations! Anyway....
Since i haven't started yet, be sure to check out CowboyTV. Well, it's in greek won't understand a thing but we have amazing photos on games and some collector's editions un-boxing i do. You can always ask me what the article says you know...i'm more than happy to explain. So yes! Let's promote some of the greek gaming crazyness people!!

No matter what you've heard this is probably (no i'm pretty sure it is) the biggest gaming event that happened in Greece. League of Legends is an online game (i'm sure i've seen a review about it somewhere in the blog) and it was translated in Greek which is actually really awesome. So the event was pretty much for that reason, with an additional official tournamet by RIOT (the game's company). There was a mess of people because not everyone managed you get in.
You see they were expecting around 1500 people, but instead they came around 7000. They did manage to fit 3500 in, but we had some accidents outside and many angry people all over facebook and stuff. We Greeks can go crazy really fast you see.

I was in with Filios and Johnny. We went there about 2 hours earlier, because things like that always happen here. Of course i was at the Press Team of CowboyTV so that helped a little too. But still. I was there 2 hours before, even if i wasn't in the team i would have gotten in. It's called scheduling people. You live in Greece. Learn to do it if you want to be part of those things.

The were was delay with the whole thing but when it started, it was pretty much amazing. People were picked to play again RIOT's Demorphic (European Community Manager at Riot Games) , Ravenworld (Player Support Specialist at Riot Games ), Panic (Greek Community Manager at Riot Games), Phreak (Community Coordinator at Riot Games), FireNinja, Bruono Gomez, AngelofDeath, CountZer0. 

After that and small breaks now and there, there was a Cosplay Competition! Cosplay Corp was there too! I seriously feel like a stalker lately :P Some of them i saw at ComicDom Con, then at Diablo III Launch Event, then at the Avengers here...heh.. The guys were once again totally awesome! You have no idea what was happening at the audience!

And of course at the end was the epic game between the two winnings teams of the tournament. Lucky, Test Your Limits won a 2000 euro check! Nontheless, it was a great game.

Even though the prizes for the audience were not given as scheduled, both RIOT and CowboyTV managed to share them with lucky people in the next two days, at various net cafes of Athens or via the League of Legends forums.

Here is a pick of what some of the winners at the event were taking (those are mine in case you are wondering...and look at my awesome pass signed by The Phreak!)

Also Filios, what i can say...he is just so damn lucky than look what he won! Totally jealous over here. You can view more photos from it at Cassioppeia Statue @ CowboyTV.

Epic Event Photos from CowboyTV - not the usual weird photos of mine :P


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  4. There isn't much to say about this event except that I WAS THERE!!:D :D


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