Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo III Launch Event

Well if you are into a games, even just a little and you don't know about the release of Diablo III, you probably live under a rock. I mean how long the people waited for the game? 10+ years? And now it's out so it's mess. Blizzard had over 2 millions pre-orders for the game and they even had to buy new servers for the game and still have downtimes! So i guess that's says something...

And it seems Greece didn't stay out of the loop either! Launch events for the game were scheduled with special contests and stuff at 3 big stores in Greece. Do we do that for other games too? I have no idea! It's the first time i hear about and event like this and i'm so happy i did! It was awesome and i want more!!! XD I know you probably don't care about it, but i had a really good time and i'm going to post about it anyway :P

The event i was present was at Public Sintagma, which i knew from the start that is a really small place for an event like it. I'm pretty sure the organizers noticed it too. Not that it was bad! Everything was surprisingly good and worked perfectly!

The event started with trivia questions and gifts for those who answered right...and by wow! CDMedia is so freaking awesome! I didn't get anything but hell...a friend of mine got a mouse of 140euros and this was just one of the things they were giving away! (i'm pretty sure those gifts cost more than 1000 euros!)

You probably see the shirts eh? Damn Silvestro got a shirt before me! Even though we were actually in the front (i had to take photos dah!), we were at the side of the stage which obviously mister from CowboyTV forgot all about us and gave only like 1-2 shirts away in our general way. Quite unfortunate but i will forgive him. He was such a good entertainer that i can't be mad at him now, can i? :P Of course as i said a friend of mine won things because he knew things about the game so he took part at the later contests. Like the "do a character from Diablo" or the "zombie dance".

Lucky guy! Of course the event didn't end there..8 mins before the release the Cosplay Corp was up with some amazing costumes from the game.

Awesome right? When that ended we can say the games were disappeared in minutes. Me and Filios were waiting in line for an hour to pay :p Not that we bought Diablo III - no money here! But we did buy a Demon Hunter mouse-pad which is simple amazing!

Soooo that's pretty much it. Is it bad that i want another one to happen?  It was terrific ^..^

As always here my swag:

More photos from the event at our Facebook Page


  1. Hey I stole that T-Shirt with honour, i am an honorable rogue/assassin XD

  2. Man I wish I could've went with you!!!!!!! WOW!



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