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ComicDom Con - Day 2

It's so weird that i remember like yesterday, last year's Convention! This time i was fully prepared, and went 2 days and had my camera with me too. So i will be able to describe my experience easier this time (though most of my photos turned out blurry year i have to practice my photography too).

Just so you know...this is probably the only Comic related Convention in Greece. There are some bazaars and parties from publishers but this is the only big thing.

*yes that's the same introduction as Day 1...i have no idea what new to write*

ComicDom Con - 31st March, 2012

Day 2 of me and Silvestro started even earlier this time. Of course once again we started with a walk around at the Bazaar. Unfortunately this time, i couldn't hold myself back so i bought a graphic novel. Two days in a place full of those things, is too much for me. I'm not that good with resisting anyway...This is where i found the bookie! I was admiring the printed art and there it was!! Tsk tsk!

From left to right: Panagiotis Vlamis (illustrator), Giannis Antonopoulos (cartoonist-illustrator), Helm

From left to right: Giannis Roumboulias (comic writer) and Helm
13:30 – 16:15 Q&A and signing Milo Manara

Do you guys know Milo Manara? He is like the "master" of sex comics. I had the chance (good or bad don't know) find one of his comics at a room of a brother's friend when i was like 10-13. So i was really proud of myself for have the chance to see someone i actually knew or at least remember ( believe me someone has to make something to stay in mind with all the things i read ). To tell you the truth i didn't know he was from when he spoke Italian i was like "wtf?". I did stay half way through the panel though. The whole question-translation-answer-translation tired me and i preferred to go out to eat or something. 

19:30 – 21:00 Cosplay Competition
As you see from the time schedule, there were 3 hours difference between the two events. In case you are wondering, we spent the time playing Magic-The Gathering (yes again!). I think the Cosplay Competion is one of the most anticipated events. Last year, the theater was more than full so this time they decided to do something strange. At 16:00 they started giving about 200 free tickets for people to enter. We were one of the first who took and we got in, but i think many wouldn't be happy with that decision. I feel like ComicDom should do something about it. I mean since they see how many people attend why don't they just found another place to held the event? It's not that fun this way. Even the Bazaar place, was so full of people you couldn't really move around at times.

Anyway, back to the topic. The costumes this year where really good! Most of them were above average and really well made. I was surprised of the effort that all the kids put into their costumes! I'm so happy i saw it live xD
Anime and Games were the biggest part of costumes. Last year i was disappointed with the winner. This year i was again (not that it wasn't good - i just had other favorites. understandable i believe?), but at least 3 out of my favorite costumes got awards ^^ In general was way better than the previous time, and way more fun to watch too.

1st place from Bayonetta (Credit SpirosK Photography )
2nd place from Star Wars
3rd place from Silent Hill
Team Winner from Phantom of the Opera (Credit SpirosK Photography )
Now those might be the winner but there are some others really worth mentioning for my. And thanks to SpirosK Photography, i have decent photos to show you (thanks for letting me use them!). So enjoy?
Up to down & left to right: 1)Diablo 3 2) Resindent Evil 3)High School of the Dead 4)Bleach 5)SOul Calibur 6)One Piece 7)Persona 4

Oh oh!! Which one you would pick for 1st? :D

At the end of the event was also a presentation of Ninjutsu by Bujinkan Dojo Hellas.

And that was it. I did not attend the 3rd day, since i couldn't find something to interested me but i'm sure it would be fun for those who went. I can't wait next for year :D And i hope for more awesome things! (And i hope a decent convention for books to appear too at some point in the future).

And here is all the stuff i got - yes! i will have Thor at my wall soon!


  1. I really cant understand WHY they picked Bayonete for winner, her outfit was far worse than most of the others and she walked really funny.

    I would pick the resident evil dude for first place.

    I am happy with the choices for 2nd and 3rd place and for the group cosplay winners.

    And I also was surprised at how many people stopped and watched or commented us while playing magic the gathering, it must still be a very popular game :D

  2. i am the dude with the resident costume!!!XP thanks both of you for the nice comments,and yes i was kinda dissapointed a lot with the choice of the crytics.....but???there is nothing that can be done now....only hope for the best next year and the effort that me and others dudes that reaally really tried to achieve can at least be seen!!

    1. To be honest I am starting to lose faith in the competition, I was a bit disapointed last year with the winner, but I could understand that Sparrow was in everyone's mind that time so they had a reason, this year there was absolutely no reason for Bayonete, except maybe if they admired her balance on those shoes...
      It would be much more fair if the audience could vote.

      The good thing, at least for us watching it, is that we get to see all those great costumes, and the passion of the people that made them while they are presenting them. I dont know if it is equally fun for the people taking part in the competition but if it is then I would stop thinking about the position and start thinking only about the show and having a great time :D

      Also since you are here Arbiter Alex, could you explain how did you manage to see through all that blue light ? I was really curious about that XD
      And once more keep it up dude, great job :D

    2. Actually, i think , the thing with the competiton is that the whole costume design only values for one third of the total rating , the other two being , how much you actually are the character you represent and how good an act you put presenting yourself.

      So, in a sense , a perfect costume does not decide the winner :-/
      Which is really a pity for all those people who put tremendous amounts of work for creating replicas of suits .
      I think, the scope is just different.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @Revolutionary: I know that is what they said officially but if that was the case then the competitor from highschool of the dead would be the winner, his costume was dead on even though it wasn't so impressive, he threw the punch line of his character perfectly and he had the exact same facial expresions with his character.
      Also Arbiter Alex did some nice moves with his guns, his costume was if not dead on, then very very very close to the character and his slightly distorted voice ( due to the breather ) amazed me.

      Bayonete on the other hand... just walked funny and kissed guns, big deal.

    5.'re quite right about that....

      Especially with the highschool of the dead case,he could well be top 3. unfortunately, obscurity is reaal issue with not so well known anime.... :-/ :-/ (relatively speaking!)

      However concerning Darth Maul..well....I rest my case!!!! :D he was reaaally dead on in every aspect..... ;-)

  3. hahahah silvestro what jacksparrow you talk about??the guy was wearing jeans below!!for christ sake jeans in 18 century and still he got into position!now tell me about the critics!!! hah about the lights!in dark i cant see shit!XP only in day light and a little,thats way i couldnt find the pistol at the end!!it was easy to made thought!and now the mask serves as a portatif inside my bedroom!XP and its sooo cool!!hahahah

  4. and not only jeens from what i see now,but also modern white t-shirt!yeah job don!XD

    1. nope, actually it was a shirt ( not t-shirt :P ) with a white sash wrapped around the waist :)
      not that old fashioned as it should be though :-/

    2. yiep thats what im talking about,as for darth maul!only one thing!the guy was awesome and dead accurate!and concerned my costume now,i did one risky thing,vector wears a slightly less bulky vest on the game,i chose to go on my newly arrived riot vest which is more bulky and such!and as for voice!that i was unlucky,cause i have ordered from ebay a voice booster amplifier with distorted sound!but it didnt arrived in time!!wait to see next year upgradable umbrella heavy trooper!also!you should know that all that gear i play with them on airsoft,it wasnt only for comicdom!XDDDD but i only need it a zombie to gut his guts out!!hahahahah

    3. yeah....pity he wasn't first.....

      about the costumes there is another thing too.
      as far as the comicdom competition rules say, costumes must be strictly homemade.
      So they tend to prefer costumes that don't look that much alike as long as they are created and not bought, so its kind of messy....

    4. by the way as far as the voice was concerned it was reaaally good under the mask!!
      I guess the amplifier would make it even better but still,it sounded quite spot-on!!!! :-)

      a question about the costume moved extremely well with all the equipment.. :-) how did you do that?? it looked kind of heavy and bulky!! :-D

    5. yeeaaah !!it is quite heavy!!but im used to it couple of years playing airsoft!XP im the only crazy dude to carry so much stuff during gameplay,and i guess it paid of!XP hahahahaha,i also wear a specially desinged shirt from the inside that keeps me cool and boost me energy!it sounds like rpg hahaha check out nike pro,or underarmour technology on shirts!and yes i knew the homemade rule from the begining but there is so much tactical stuff on me,(quite expensive!it reach 1.000 e,since last year!i guess more than that shit.....) so there isnt any homemade options beyond the mask's leds and the long coat,i guess homemade for me is how you assemble the right stuff from scratch or you already possess and how you make them seem accurate enough!and yes i could have done it with 50 e and still would have looked accurate,but no,i choosed the harsh path of painfull economy and fund spending!XP and im no rich guy!(daaaamn i wish i was!)

    6. im ok with the critics on one hand!im a friend of two of them,so my dissapointment went on the rest of them,but sometimes mistakes happens and its ok,but the whole deal made me angry because yes,i was dissapointed for my friend with the darthmaul costume not to win,and for a couple of more beside it happened last year with the cosplay of a friend demonblade with an awesome costume but bad costumes won instead!

    7. I think homemade refers to the assembly of the parts. I do not believe they expect us to gather the wool from sheep, make strings out of it, and weave our own costumes, of courses the individual parts are bought. The whole point is in costumizing and putting them together.

    8. haahhahah gather wool from sheep!!!what have you reminded me now!!!NOT ENOUGH MINERALS!!!hahahaahah yeah you are right!that is what im talking about!and especially that very thing is not recognized on many many costumes(always leave beside me)

    9. hahahahahahah!!!!!!! :-P Minecraft style!!!!!!!! :-)
      Yeah of course, i agree on that! There's always a limit on innovation , I mean, next step would be melting chemical compounds to create pvc for the plastic parts :P

      Still, I know a lot of people who actually bought cloth and seamed the whole costume!! :-)

      by the way...Just tell me you're a Starcraft fan!!!!!!!!! :P XD XD XD ( and thinking about it,arbiter refers to it too!!!! :D )

      Wow! that means working on it!!!! it was a really good job,regarding the costume!!! (guess you were prepared for special ops after the party!! XD )
      And very expensive too( i mean ouch! 1000e??? )

    10. Hahah, I get it on that,
      Two of the critics were my friends too!
      Well from what i learned , it was quite weird there too..
      One of my friends in particular had a really hard time deciding between costumes. He had the seven suits that were mentioned in the blog entry, plus a few more , at the same high ratings when the competition ended and couldn't really decide which was better. Also ,there wasn't time for reevaluation of the ratings ,so all in all, there was confusion. too many excellent entriest
      maul was a clear favourite....can't get what happened...

      demonblade? don't mean guts or bender?? (which were both awesome!!! )

    11. i think guts,wait ill send a pic that was one of the legend and my friend put a lot of effort in it!!XP hahah YEAAAH im both starcraft and warcraft fan,but not wow style!haha i can do most of the voices in both games!XD ill send you a preview of my usual gear and next year costume,this is an italian team of cosplayers,and ill go meet them in septembre with my costume too,on a sicily con they called umbrella italian division and the have a site and facebook!also here is a spotlight of our yesterday zombie game on airsoft and i battle against the horde!haha

    12. aa arbiter is from a halo character,you may know him,the elite that casted as heretic,so arbiter kind refers to the meaning of heretic!but it just an easy nickname for now!XP

    13. oh I remember the berserker guy, he was huge, his sword was even bigger and his armor was epic, and I think he made it out of cards (?)
      He rules :D

    14. yiep!with magic the gathering and yugioh wtf is called!XD

  5. hey there

    from the cosplay for me only darth deserved the top 3,i believe that in the top 3 there would be Ulq and the armor girl from diablo :/

    and from the team cosplay,the other 3 groups were way better than the winner,they danced so hard but no one among them won


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