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"10 Sci-Fi Fantasy Characters I Would Be Proud To Cosplay As"

The following is a guest post by Sci-Fi Bloggers. Sci-Fi Bloggers is an online magazine covering all things science fiction and fantasy: movies, TV, books, video games, comics and more.

Lets take the concept of role-playing a step further shall we. “Costume-play,” or more commonly known by science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts as “cosplay,” is a form of aesthetic expression where you have the opportunity to become your wildest adoration or greatest abhorrence. In this colorful list I give you my personal top ten favorites for the coolest characters that I would be proud to portray at any convention. Before you read on, note that this list is entirely personal and is absolutely not a list of the most professional or legitimate cosplay costumes across the globe. Mostly inspired by video games and anime, maybe you’ll be able to gain some inspiration to gear up for your next convention!
Halo Spartan

Spartan from Halo

With Halo 4 just a couple of months away, why not don your own custom Spartan armor. This is the perfect costume for those who prefer to remain incognito behind an awesome looking helmet (and holding your favorite weapon) or for those simply in love with the Halo series. Either way, dancing to Lady Gaga is a must!

Alucard from Hellsing

Easily one of the most popular cosplay characters. Without a doubt Alucard is one of the most depraved and sadistic vampires ever to appear on screen and that’s precisely why we love him.


Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls

Look, if you don’t feel good about wearing this then just find another covenant. Solaire of Astora (“sunbro”) also known as the warrior of sunlight is an interesting yet bizarrely lovable NPC from the critically acclaimed Dark Souls. Imagine running around the convention constantly raising your arms to fans. Praise the sun!Solaire Cosplay
Praise the Sun

Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed

It’s a simple equation that the brilliant minds of renaissance Italy developed:

High fashion + High flying free running = Win

Start your own brotherhood (or sisterhood) with a deadly and polished Ezio Auditore costume. Pay attention to the small details on his costume and you’ll be worthy of leading the pack.
Ezio Auditore

ANBU Member from Naruto

An opportunity to become part of the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad? Not even a question. With more than ten masks to choose from or design, an ANBU member just has costume appeal and a mysterious personality that reeks deadly but cool.

Anbu Cosplay

Stormtrooper from Star Wars
Sure it isn't original, but it is definitely a classic and I would be proud to join the ranks of the 501st. Stormtrooper

Kurosaki Ichigo (Final Getsuga Transformation) from Bleach

Lets face it. I can’t stop talking about Bleach! Get a white haori, pick your favorite squad or join Aizen’s army to cosplay as a notable captain, squad member or a cunning espada. There are endless fantastic Bleach cosplays but after seeing Ichigo’s final form, I just could not resist. Lets finish this, Aizen.
Kurosaki Ichigo

Shockwave from Transformers

Despite the undesirable criticism about Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it's one saving grace was the epic CGI that went into polishing the Autobots and Decepticons. Not many are up for the challenge to create a robot costume but after seeing the movie, Shockwave is worth the effort.

Snake eyes from G.I. Joe

Enigmatic, masterful and a covert mission specialist, who doesn’t want to wield a katana like Snake Eyes? He is all win and no mercy plus the sleek black armor will generate some fear in the audience.
Snake Eyes

Dante from Devil May Cry

The gaming industry's demon exterminator is back. Given a choice between Dante, Nero, and the new Dante, I would always side with the classic Dante. I fully approve of the long crimson leather coat, white hair and dual wielding a gun and sword. Bring it on.
Thanks for sticking to the end; maybe I’ll see you or your alter ego at a cosplay convention near you.

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  1. I agree, each and every one of those characters would make epic costumes for cosplay :D


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