Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review: The Haunting Season (+INT Giveaway)

Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. One is a girl possessed. Another just wants to forget. The third is a guy who really knows how to turn up the August heat, not to mention Jess’s heart rate…when he’s not resurrecting the dead.

The study soon turns into something far more sinister when they discover that Siler House and the dark forces within are determined to keep them forever. In order to escape, Jess and the others will have to open themselves up to the true horror of Siler House and channel the very evil that has welcomed them all.

The Haunting Season
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 309 (ebook)
Part of Series: -
Purchased: For review
Rating: 5/5 stars

Even though i usually stay away from books that might scare me, i couldn't say no to one of Michelle Muto's book since i loved the previous book by her. So here we are me trying to read it..

...and be totally creeped out. I stopped reading 2 times because the images in mind were so strong (talk about a good description!) that i felt that i was in the Siler House along the others. It was like walking into it, listening to it and let's not talk about Riley. The creepy murderer kid in the mirrors. I haven't look in a mirror in my house for like 3 days xD. Okay yes, i'm easily scared but either way i think it really creepy and scary. Michelle Muto, knew exactly what to say and what to make her characters feel to get to you.

Let's talk about the writing a little, because something happened that i was really impressed with it. The book is written in 2 POV's : Jess and Gage. It's the first time, that i feel like the whole writing style changes to fit the character. Gage was more straightforward, more boyish while Jess was easy, calm and slower. It showed the difference not only in their minds but in their personalities too. Oh what i would have give to be in Allison's mind too!

Anna dressed in Blood was good, but Haunting Season was a lot better. It scared me and still i couldn't stop reading. It was like watching those old horror movies (there is even a sex scene in which it didn't disturb me at all like it happens most of the time!!) but instead reading it and feeling everything enhanced. 

And because it's not funny be the only one is your change to win a copy of the book too!!

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  1. Please enter me for this book...I love reading about haunted to be scared by a good book!

    momkelly2003 at yahoo dot com

  2. Sounds good. I love haunted house stories! Kelly

  3. Thank you! I'm a new fan of haunted house stories, so am interested in this. :) Mitsy at

  4. I saw this book a few days ago and it seemed very interesting. I love this kind of stories.

  5. This book seems exciting! Totally earned a place on my TBR list!

  6. Please enter me. I would love to read it. susand1408 at gmail dot com


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