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Guespost: "Young Adult is Back With a Vengeance!" (+Giveaway)

This post is special! Really special! For starters, it's about the 2nd book of a really good series i read and reviewed last year (Until Next Time), the readers actually voted for the book title and lastly and more importantly there is a free read along for everyone(except the guestpost obviously)! At the end of the post, you will find a part of the read along. Then you will hop to another blog and read another one! And another one! How cool is that? But okay..let's get to it!

Young Adult is Back With a Vengeance!

There are many adults who are drawn to the young adult genre. But the most amazing thing to me, and the one I’m most thankful for, is the fact that young adults are reading even more than adults! You have to give the accolades to Rowling who, with her Potter masterpiece, brought children and young adults away from their computers and had their noses once again buried in a book.

Then, we must offer thanks to the ‘vampire’ woman who, with Bella and Edward, had young adults AND their moms rushing to the bookstore and leaving behind the iPods, computers, cell phones, Blackberries - and any other source of technology you could think of - in order to sit down with a book and get lost in the small town of Forks.

When those doors opened, authors that’d been overlooked by an industry who truly believed that YA was not a genre that would bring about big sales - got a thrilling chance to bring their characters to life and offer them to the world.

As a devout reader, myself, I have to say that I was always into historical novels and suspense. But as a reviewer now for many, I have to say I am absolutely thrilled when I receive all the boxes from Random House filled with their YA titles to be released in the following month. I have found some absolute treasures in these boxes. Mystery, suspense, romance, Potter-‘esque’ fun and entertainment - the YA books are covering almost all subjects and are really hitting the nail on the proverbial head. Lately, with each shipment comes a bestselling adult author that is trying their ‘hand’ at YA fiction, and succeeding brilliantly, right alongside the debut authors who had their YA manuscript in their desk drawer for quite a while and were finally able to shine the light on their words.

Young adults are seen in television and movies as being so into technology that they simply have no time to read. But that is completely untrue. Especially since the Kindles and Nooks of the world were invented so that they can combine books with their love for technology. Two birds - one stone.

When I was a kid, we were ALWAYS at the library shoving our faces into Judy Blume and her peers. We loved books, and loved getting taken away into another time and another world where we could discover and learn and play…books were it! I am so happy that young adults and kids are getting back into the book realm. I know…technology is awesome and there is something new to learn about every day - but the good, old book is still the most amazing escape from high school, bad boyfriends, rotten best friends, parents who ‘just don’t understand,’ etcetera. It is a real thrill to see that books have become as treasured as they were…once upon a time.

Until Next Time, Everybody,


check the linky at the end to find the rest of the scene!

“We’ll see,” Max replied, turning to Anya. “It was an extreme pleasure to meet you. I’m sure Myles will be well-served by your capable hands. Do yourself a favor, though; stay far away from my undesirable mate.” The handsome face once again filled with mischief, as he punched Drew in the shoulder. “You’re much too fine a lady for this dirty cur.”

“Thanks, pal,” Drew said, offering his friend a dirty look.

“A good Saturday to you all.”

“Are you at least coming home for dinner?” his father asked, as Max marched past Hope without a word.

“I have a lot to do,” he replied. “However, if Miss Anya and young Greg would like to accompany us tomorrow, I’m taking Myles to the Garden. Perhaps they would like to see the city?”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” Mr. Carrow stated. “Anya?”

Drew looked over at Anya and their eyes locked. “Well,” she began, looking across the room into his emerald eyes, “Drew was going to play escort today.”

“Now Drew,” Hope spoke up. “I’ll be takin’ Anya shopping with me today. She needs a wardrobe for her job.”

“Well.” Mr. Carrow laughed, “It looks like you’re going to be everyone’s friend and angel around here, Miss Anya.”

The heat returned to her cheeks at the strangely uncomfortable scene.

“Easily solved. I’ll go with the two of you,” Drew said with a smile. “I could use some new clothes, myself.”

Max rolled his eyes and walked out the front door. Anya was completely surprised that, even with the two wonderful escorts vying for her company, she was a bit saddened by his exit.

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  1. Yiota, it's so good to see the angels back at Splash of Our Worlds. Thanks for your continued support of Amy's YA series. Your enthusiasm for the trilogy is much appreciated :)

  2. Yiota - I wanted to say thank you for having Emily & Matt on your incredible site again. I hope you and your readers enjoy their second adventure!!! Happy 2013.

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