Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dragon Age Origins Review

"Once every few hundred years, the Darkspawn Blight comes to the fair lands of Ferelden. Agents of darkness, bringers of evil, these unholy creatures cut great swathes of pain across the earth. They are led by the Archdemon, an ancient beast of immense power, and they would surely destroy us all if it were not for the stalwart courage of the Grey Wardens. They alone stand against the horrors of the Blight, forever our vigilant guardians, protecting us from harm. They perform their duty without thanks, for lately, there is none to give. Ferelden is split, torn asunder from the highest castle of a Noble Lord to the darkest corner of a Dwarven mineshaft.

These are dark times. Against the backdrop of backstabbing politics, racial unrest and the shadow of civil war, the remaining few of the Grey Wardens have begun to hear rumours of Darkspawn movements. Their worst fear is about to come true: the Archdemon is on the move once again. Only a unified force will be able to fight this coming Blight. In Ferelden, unity is a dirty word.

Things are about to get a little messy."
In DragonAge Origins you create and play a Grey Warden, a special cult of warriors with one single purpose, to hunt and kill the darkspawn trheat. The hero, or heroine, can be a dwarf, human or elf, and each of them might have their own backround story. The player will experience a different introduction story, as well as some changes in certain places depending on his or her race and backround chosen. He will face various opponents alongside many companions (some are added with downloadable content) and can achieve a romantic relation with one or even more of them (Seriously, the game has also homosexual romantic stories). Together with his team he will embark on quest on different settings and fight numerous opponents, ranging from the evil darkspawn to undead skeletons. In the end he will be called to end the Archdemon and put an end to the civil war as well as the darkspawn threat.


The game has its ups and downs but overall is a very good game. It has graphics that set the standards high from any game bioware releases next, a story with turns and twists, as well as changes depending on the character's behavior. Companions who offer extreme personalization to the play style as well as classes that are good. The story is very interesting and keeps the player curious till the end, and the battle is bloody as hell. No, seriously, you chop people's heads of and stuff. Many of you might find it interesting that finally archers are a fighting force that DOES make a difference if used wisely (personally i made a happy dance :D) while all classes focus on what they are supposed to do, making it hard for a warrior to just march between 15 enemies and butcher them one by one, as well as makes it hard for a mage to unleash his full destructive force without knowing that he will be without a tank (yes friendly fire is this high). Now for the downsides, for starters DLC (downloadable content) adds many new features and items to the game, but requires you to pay in order to have them. Class system is average, although the stat system is superb the classes will let you down since they are...well they are few, lowering player customization to a great limit. Story is interesting, but in order for you to play the game more than one times to finish all settings and try all classes, it gets well boring. To sum it up, i believe that you Neverwinter Nights 2 fans will be slightly disappointed having from a LARGE selection of classes only 3 and some prestige classes. But the graphics and probably the gore part of the game will draw you to it. A must game for all you rpg fans out there, Bioware showed her skill once more and holds her title as the Queen company of ALL rpg's out there.

PS. this is so unfair, i spend bout 5 minutes or so to kill that dragon while half my group was dying, i freeking had to resurect them tanks...twice. and in the vid they just...kill the dragon in seconds.

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  2. Such a great review for such a pathetic game.
    Bioware sure didnt give its all this time.

  3. Awesome review and yepp it's a great game with a great storyline!

  4. @Hisagi i agree and dissagree, its not such a pathetic game, but i totally agree that bioware could do better...a lot better. Well we will see in DragonAge2.

  5. the battle is not even close to "bloody as hell"...
    dragon age 2 is much bloodier. It's really a great game, for bioware standards, but you can't really compare it to the old rpg games. Bioware produced and will keep producing action games with rpg elements as it has proven in dragon age 2. If you want rpg play Baldur's Gate and Fallout 2.

  6. I havent played Dragon Age 2 yet but Silvestro i wrote this back when it was out, so back then it was bloody as hell. Though many games have surpased it since then. Well I think that Bioware always made awesome rpg's. Fallout 2 I havent played, though I should. But dont forget Neverwinter Nights 1-2 and off course Star Wars Kotor.


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