Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Witchville Review

The film tells the story of Prince Malachi (Luke Goss) and his friend Jason (Ed Speleers), a reluctant son forced to take his part as the head of his country after his father dies. The land he returns to is a wasteland, made destitute by an unknown scourge. Unknown until a witch hunter tells him that the cause of the scourge is a coven of witches. The prince and his merry men head off to defeat the Red Queen (Sarah Douglas) and save his kingdom.

Well last night (amongst other movies) we watched Witchville, a SyFy special. Personally i like most of the movies SyFy makes. Anyway, the movie had a decent scenario which managed to keep the viewer's attention throughout the movie, and with rather good performances for the actors. Obviously, compared to other movies with a higher budget and better cast it stands pretty low, but i was surprised (and a bit glad) to see that the movie stood its ground amongst other more "serious" of the kind, such as Dungeons And Dragons (I mean seriously, bald bad guy with blue lips? sheesh!) . The movie managed to be funny at times, even though not intended, especially by the dialogues who seem to be all the cliche responses to the most cliche of all scenes. In conclusion i found it a rather decent movie with its ups and downs, but overall a pleasant enough to watch, with ok soundtrack and acting. Not necessarily a "must watch" film, but if you are one the type of person that likes to watch those kinds of films i think you would rather have a nice time.

P.S I am pretty new to this whole, blogging, reviewing thing so please be easy on me :P
P.S2 Thanks for the editing Yiota :P I really forgot to..let me think..actually review the film :P


  1. hey, I'm a new follower. Found you through the bookblog.ning site.

  2. Thank you for checking out my cover of the week. Here is where you can find more info on these books.

    These books have been in the US for a while, but the books come out in UK in Jan with those stunning covers.

    If you like these, I'd recommend her shifters series... I love them!!

  3. Hey JonnyB,
    Welcome to the reviewing "business" :) It's a nice review you've got here. Keep up with the good work.

  4. thanks V.T :D and thank you for the welcoming as well :D


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