Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Features!

The thing that i love most in our blog is the variety of things can have cause of the variety of the people who write in it. Each of us, has its own ideas about the blog and personally i'm willing to make every each one of them true. So that's how i started to add little features around the blog. Until now most of them are mine though and one of George.

A little introduction about the new features:
(From George)-The Astronomy Picture Of The Day: This one is already described by George here but i will give one more little introduction. At the left side if the blog each day you can find an Astronomy related photo from NASA. You can click on it and redirect to their official site and learn more things about what you see. Those pics are truly amazing and personally i have gone through their whole archive.

Artist Of The Week: A picture is a thousands words they say. A picture is the way to give life to our ideas. Either fan art, real art or original art, is always amazing to see the thoughts of others different than the written word. Personally i have huge gallery of art from various things. So i thought that all those unknown artists who draw our ideas deserve a place in our blog as well. Each week there will be a related post about an artist (mostly from DeviantArt), in digital,traditional art or photography. At the right side of the blog you can find a preview photo of their galleries. If you click on it you will be redirected to the relate blog post with their artwork and learn more about it.

Quote Of The Moment: Once again at the top right side of the blog you will find a little box with a quote from a movie,famous people or even lyrics that we like and support.

Library: A new section under Books was created called Library. There is list of all the books we have read and reading. You will find book that we have read years back. If you are interest in one of those books you can comment or e-mail us ( info at Contact section) and write a review about it. When we post a review from one of those books the list is getting an update with a link to the review as well.

That's all for now. Do you have any ideas of what else to feature in our blogs? Then feel free to tell us. We are always open to new ideas!


P.S: The Unknown of The Week Artist post for this week, is coming up soon!

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