Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogies 2011

So here they are the Bloggies 2011 (which is actually all the blogs, people and other)..and Pickies will be posted later this week, with the best books,movies,series,games of the year.
The list and idea came out in a really short notice (i thought about it yesterday cause i was too busy), so i didn't have the time to create something bigger and awesomer. So it's mostly a quick list i did :)

And well i just wanted to say THANK YOU, to all of those great people, for making the blog year more special  :) 

My favorite blogs of the year each one for a different reason. Visit and enjoy! *the order is not on based which i prefer more*

Small Review >> For probably the best book reviews on the blogshpere
Books For Company >> For the awesome memes
Liesewies >> For bringing something different on my dashboard with the variety of movies,fashion and Harry Potter.
Loving Books && Read Me, Bookmark Me,Love Me >> For all the new books that introduced to me with their reviews
Ranting Dragon && Drying Ink >> For their great fantasy book reviews
Once Upon A Time >> For the best discussions posts (along with Drying Ink)
Blackplume >> For writing honest and detailed without spoiling and be a fun person.

Favorite Authors not only or for their great books, but also the attention who give to people and make us feel special. *This does not mean i did not enjoy many other authors and their books, but those at the list really made me remember them for 2011*

Michelle Muto >> For the best YA Books i've read this year and how great is talking with her
Sasha Soren >> For her amazing ideas and constant communication with the bloggers
Emlyn Chand >> For the great tours, book and character
Amanda Havard >> For how much she works on her books and some of the best books promotion ideas ever ( music videos? concert series? apps? )
Alison Goodman >> For the best book with dragons i've read this year
Kathy Reichs >> For bringing new "Enyd Blayton"-like stories in my life
Justin Somper >> For providing a great ending at his Vampirates series
Pavarti K. Tyler, Kendare Blake, Y.S.Lee, Jason Morrow, Philippa Balantine >> For suprising me pleasantly with their stories when i did not expect it

And lastly, some amazing book covers that really made my want to read the books *in the list are included only covers from books i've read*

Stay tuned for Pickies 2011!
-xoxo, Yiota


  1. Thank you SO SO much!
    That just made my day! =)
    I love your blog too!!!

  2. Yay, I'm special! Thank you so much, Yiota. What a great close to one year and start to the next :-D

  3. Ahw, thank you so much Yiota! I like this blog a lot too, like your movie reviews especially :D Keep it up like that :D

  4. *sniff* You've brought a tear to my eye :) Thank you SO much. I'm so honored and happy you enjoy my reviews. The feeling is totally mutual! :D

  5. Thank you so much! Having you around in my blog is already enough and this is so much more. Really unexpected. Thank you Yiota and to the rest of your team.

  6. Thanks so much for this! I'm very flattered that you like my reviews (and it's been great hearing your comments as well!). :D

  7. *warm fuzzies* Thank you! Love you too <3

  8. @Jodie: I'm so happy i did :D Have a nice year!

    @Emlyn: haha..of course you are!! Go you!

    @Lisa: Thanks Lisa!!!

    @Small: It's not my fault you are one of the best blogs out there:p haha..thanks too!

    @blackplume: You are one of the new bloggers, who are doing more than great! You totally deserve it!

    @Jacob: i love your reviews!! ^^ And i so love you reply to comments too!

    @Hannah: :D


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