Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open Door, 2012

For everyone with a book waiting to be published...agent or no agent - from Strange Chemistry:

Angry Robot – our adorable but rather cross parent company – ran an Open Door month last year, which proved to be rather successful with, at last count, three debut authors signed off the back of it. We thought to ourselves that we’d rather like a piece of this action too, considering the wealth of talent that must be out there in the YA field. So, we are jumping on their (thankfully roomy) bandwagon and inviting submissions from YA authors. These submissions can be any and all flavours of SF/F!
If you have completed a novel, and are unagented, between April 16th and 30th this year, we’ll happily read it for possible publication. If you are agented, this isn’t for you.
Still here? Good.
This page is full of things you Need To Know. You’ve spent months – or possibly years – perfecting your novel; make sure you take twenty minutes or so to read the guidelines on this page. And by guidelines, we of course mean: instructions carved in stone. Last year we rejected far too many submissions simply because the author did not follow the submission guidelines.
What we’re not looking for:
• Anything other than SF/F. If you’ve written a brilliant contemporary YA novel, that’s great, but not what we’re after. We don’t publish contemporary YA. It HAS to be SF/F.
• Book 2 or later in an existing series.
• Books that have already been published elsewhere (including podcast, self-published as eBooks or print-on-demand).
• Books that have not yet been completed.
• Children’s or Middle Grade books – YA only.
• Anything shorter than novel length (approx 60,000 to 90,000 words, but there is some flexibility in this).

So, you have until the end of April to polish your manuscript, and to get it in the right format for us.


For everyone who will sent in their manuscript! Good luck!!

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