Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop SOPA and PIPA. Free internet for us all

The above link will take you to read in detail about the SOPA act from wikipedia.

Hello all. I am Johnny and you might have heard of seen some of my reviews. I know that this has nothing to do with the purpose of our blog however I would like to take a few moments of your time to address my personal opinion as Johnny and not as the people and owner of SplashOfOurWorlds.

We as a generation have enjoyed a completely free internet and have turned it into an irreplaceable tool that we use for entertainment, knowledge and socializing. Since I remember using the internet I remember that there was always piracy within the internet.

However I find SOPA as an act to be the most serious threat free internet has faced as far as I have known.

SOPA basically allows the major corporations to immediately shut down and sue sites and even people that they ASSUME, MIGHT, promote piracy. In short that would place millions of sites and blogs, including SplashOfOurWorlds in risk of being shut down or even sued because some major corporation thinks that we promote piracy or have copyright violating material.

The reason of this post is to draw your notice to the issue and perhaps give you a friendly nudge towards showing your disagreement towards an act that might cause serious filtering of the internet.

Television, radio and newspapers are media that have fallen under the influence of corporations and now their gaze has turned towards the internet. As far as we are concerned, let us not allow it.

Thank you for your time

Johnny B.


  1. I have only one addition:

    a video that explains fairly good the sopa and pipa.

    And don't forget that power corrupts and this act gives a huge ammound of power on the corporations' hands. Misuse is innevitable and we will end up in another dark age policy in which free speach is punished, severely.

  2. If they sue all those sites, then what is left??

  3. I knew that it was inevitable that the uber rich and privileged would want to try and control the internet as it threatens their power. People need to rise up against these draconian laws and vote the bastards that support them out of office.

  4. @Michael: That would be nice man, the problem is that the politicians that support them are puppets of the major corporations, not proven but greatly felt, so it makes little difference who is actually passing the laws in the office if they are already passed out of it ;)

  5. @Silvestro: not puppets but more likelly shareholders etc etc. Because, well we all know Steve Jobs was the owner of Apple but who are the top guns in the office when the board of owners held session? Steve Jobs aaaand....?

  6. That is just awful.
    Bloggers use the internet to better give opinions to others. This is just clamping down on everyone which will be hurting random sites that may be good and not nefarious at all.

    Great post Johnny and everyone at Splash of Our Worlds.


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