Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review: Time Gangsters

When Billy discovers a hidden cache of ancient coins, it isn't long before a gang of thugs swipes them right from under Billy. Plotting to use the magical properties of the coins to seize power in the past, these power-hungry gangsters will do anything to reach their goal. Their future threatened, Billy and Danny must race through time to steal back the coins---before history is changed forever!

Time Gangsters
Publication Date: February 8th 2012
Pages: 296
Purchased:  For Review(from publisher)
Rating: 3/5 stars

I requested Time Gangsters from NetGalley because it seemed a really adventurous book. And that was exactly what it was.

Time Gangsters even for the few pages it has, it's a long story but not tiring. It's fun, with action and time travel,treasures,hunting and quite enjoyable. With twists and everything. I don't see how a young kid won't like the book. It's like those movies were friends were going into crazy adventures and we were all "i so wish to be in their place". And the writing is light and it makes the story to be closer to the teens(under 15).

But the best thing about it is the characters. Not only you connect with them, but they are also so fun to read. They totally take away the "dark" vibe of the book and turn it into something else. Their comments and their behavior (because Billy and Danny are not really fond of each other) and how later they change, is really the strongest part of the story.

As you may see though, i gave the book 3 stars. Not because it was bad or something. But the story could be a little better. Friends, siblings, etc different from each other is something we see in many books so i wanted the story to stand out for me little more. It was good though!

Now, the book is middle grade but i can't see why someone older won't like it. It's quite a nice read and a good break of the "oldest" stuff we are usually reading.


  1. The cover looks really good....Sounds like a nice story....Thnx for the review....

  2. nice review!i definitely will try the book!And the cover looks so amazing!!


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