Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

art by damaciel @ Deviantart

Happy New Year everyone!!! Weeee!!! Anyone else exciting? 2011 was good i believe ( even though we are from Greece which many bad things happen) and was fun too!

Just wanted to say that i hope everyone has a wonderful year for 2012! For us, the book-movie-game lovers there are many exciting things coming out this year, to make us forget the bad so I am like "yay!".

I do hope you had a good and enjoyable year, here at the blog and enjoyed it as much as i did. There we so many things happened and need to mention so i will make a post full them in the week instead of writing some in hurry now :)

I don't know where everyone is right now to ask if they want to say something and i totally forgot because i was working but here some extra words from Johnny who i talk with, right now:
Happy new year with plenty of good times and more books to take us to distant lands. And may my wardrobe be a gate to Narnia or something similar.

I really hope your new dog, find the portal man...i really do!

Have fun everyone!!! See ya all soon! ^^
-xoxo, Yiota

P.S: How awesome is that i found a pic with a dragon? :D

gif (Bleach anime) by roymustangs


  1. Happy and healthy 2012! X

    PS: my new blog is online, I love the layout you made so much :D Thanks a lot again! X


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