Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Message by Jonah Mason

Character Post
By H. David Blalock

My name is Jonah Mason. They call me Angelkiller, a name I hate. For one thing, it reminds me how old I really am. That name is only given to those who have been in the Conflict for more than a millennium, and I have earned it more than twice over. I have seen kingdoms rise and fall, fought in more battles than I remember, killed and wounded more men that I want to remember, and all in the name of the Conflict.

When I was younger, I fought out of enthusiastic fervor, genuinely excited to be a part of such a grand venture. We were fighting to free the world from the Darkness, to bring the Light back to mankind that had been so savagely stolen. Back then it had been so simple: a war of extremes, of good versus evil in visible and obvious terms. I had no doubts then.

But now...

I have seen more than anyone should. I have watched my comrades and allies fight and die, with no apparent end to the Conflict. Over the centuries I have tried and failed to live a normal life, to have a family and friends outside the Conflict, hoping to keep them untouched by its foul taint. But it never works. I am forever drawn back in and lose what I work so hard to hold.

So, here I am again, leader of one of the North American resistance cells. Perhaps this time will be the last. Things are different now. I have been singled out for judgment by the three Knights sent to aid our cell in its work. I have been given an ultimatum as to what I want to do with my life because I have made a serious error. I have dealt with The Enemy as equals. It is a grievous breach of protocol and could have drastic consequences not just for myself, but for my entire team.

I can only hope the Master is merciful to us all.

In the second book of the Angelkiller Triad, Traitor Angel, the war between The Army of Light and The Enemy continues behind the scenes. Unknown to the general population, the battle for control of humanity is heating up.

Jonah Mason, called Angelkiller, faces more than one decision. His Army resistance cell is wounded physically and emotionally, on the brink of falling apart. The mysterious allies calling themselves Knights are pressuring him to abandon his people. Meanwhile, the world outside draws closer to Armageddon.

As Mason and his friends pursue their campaign against Dorian Azrael's global megacorporation, Andlat Enterprises, the stakes get higher with each desperate foray into the enemy's computers. They are fated to lose one of their number and gain an unlikely ally, but any advantage they gain could be fleeting at best.

If they fail, it could mean the end of The Army and all resistance to the forces of Darkness.

Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 288
Part of Series: The Angelkiller Triad #1
Buy:  Amazon (US) || Amazon (UK)


  1. Thank you very much for hosting David today! The Angelkiller Triad books are really great, unique urban fantasy adventures that are fast reads too! Jonah Mason is expanded upon nicely in Traitor Angel.

  2. Thanks for giving Jason the chance to vent a little. He has so few opportunities. I hope everyone becomes aware of the Conflict and the sacrifices he and people like him make on a daily basis.


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