Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick or Treat: Halloween Movies

Welcome to Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat!
On each blog stop from now through Halloween, a blogger or vlogger will have a handpicked Halloween treat to share with you - it might be a video clip, or a feature about great spooky films, a playlist of great, creepy songs, a recipe for treats, or a gallery of witches.
It might be anything! But it's sure to be something fun, so feel free to drop by each day from October 23-31, to pick up some cute treats to put you in the Halloween mood. All the treats will be added into the linky at the end of this post, so feel free to browse.

Our treat for you is Halloween Movies
In case you won't go out hunting for treats or you are just too afraid to leave your house on a night like that we made a list for you with movies you can watch with your friends or family. Now if you are not really the type that can handle scare (like me), you better skip the first movies, and go to the more family friendly ones. Kid movies are always. BUT if you still don't want to watch kids movies, then there are some other supernaturalish movies at the end of the not scary but neither for kids.

Enjoy your Halloween!! And do let us know what are you planning to watch or do in that special day. We do not have Halloween here, and it's always nice to read about it.

About Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat!: The first blog hop was a Bookie Brunch  special event for Halloween, and it was a lot of fun, so we're just continuing the tradition. Bookie Brunch was a weekly book discussion founded by Sasha Soren, the author of Random Magic. Browse archive

Also this month - drop by for Video Week: Random Magic, from Oct. 21-30, featuring an entertaining week of cool reviews and creative features from vloggers around the world. They're featuring the book Random Magic by Sasha Soren. Browse schedule (URL TBA) (( OR )) Visit the YouTube page for the schedule in infobox.


  1. Those are some great movies! I've seen quite a few of them too. I also posted about movies for Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat. I posted about movies that supposed to be horror movies but really aren't that scary (to me, anyway).

  2. I have to have someone with me or I won't watch certain scary movies. I do however LOVE Alien and the rest of the movies in the series. Thanks for sharing & Happy Halloween!


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