Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Rather Lovely Soirée: Jane Austen Covers

A Rather Lovely Soirée
Talk like Jane Austen Day
Event production by
Random Magic Tour
Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
Oct. 30, 2012

Welcome, dear guests! You've arrived at a rather lovely soirée in honor of Talk like Jane Austen Day. Talk like Jane Austen Day is an annual event, marking the anniversary of the first printing of Sense and Sensibility (1811), Austen's first published novel.

Hello again! Last year at the same day, i wrote my favorite Austen movies so i was thinking to concentrate on books more this time.  Jane Austen's book are pretty known to everybody, but still you judge the book by its cover. Especially the classics have so many different editions that's crazy. The post is all about my favorite Austen book covers of some of Austen's most known novels! Feel free to tell me your opinion or share yours!

Pride and Prejudice
Goodreads Editions: 1229
There are 25 pages of covers for that book. Yeah..i'm not getting through them all. In general, most of them are of ladies drawn like our event avatar. And there are definitely the covers of the movie adaptions but let's see some that stand out.
(Also there is a beautiful gallery of P&P art at goodreads!)

Sense and Sensibility
Goodreads Editions: 641
I could have picked for winner the cover of the same edition as P&P but i wanted to show you something different. The movie covers are actually really good too.

Goodreads Editions: 220
Surprisingly the movie covers are kinda bad if you look at them. Still the usual classic cover style for Austen's book stays but i did found some good ones!

In honor of the day, we've assembled a delightful collection of interesting features on all things Jane Austen and her times. Feel free to stop in at any blog below to enjoy something interesting, and to leave your calling card (link to your blog) in the comments section of any blog, if you've particularly enjoyed your visit.

Just browse below for a delightful Austen-related tidbit offered to you by the co-hosts of A Rather Lovely Soirée for Talk like Jane Austen Day.


  1. I like he pink cover for Sense and Sensibility looks great and the one with roses for Pride and Prejudice!

  2. Good picks. Love the watercolor series for Austen's books in general.


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