Thursday, October 18, 2012

Event Recaps: International Techical Fair & Mists of Pandaria Launch Event

It's been some time since i wrote about an event, so i thought it was about time to write about the ones that happened the previous month before the new ones come. Forgive me for not going in detail as usual.

International Technical Fair - Thessaloniki, Greece (Sept. 16)
E-gaming Section

Even thought the fair is pretty big and has everything, me, Tonia and Filios were only traveling  for the gaming events. I say traveling because it's a 5hours trip with the train and it was one big happy trip :p We had the idea of doing it without sleeping, like go > get to the event > leave which is more than 24 hours on feet. Yes, it was a little stupid and we dropped dead after but it was really fun! There were also some interesting things that happened on train, which at first had us laughing but later we saw it wasn't that fun since we were fully tired. We got at Thes. really early, like  4 hours before the Fair opens, so we decided along with Antoni and Theo, from Cosplay Corp, who were also at the train (yeah they had the same amazing idea as us....), to find something to eat. We did walk A LOT, but hey...Later we started searching for the entrance of the Fair. Let's say that didn't go that well and we spent about an hour or more just walking around and around.

At some point we obviously went in. Cowboy came and fetch us from the right entrance, before we die or turn into statues. It was so nice to see those small couches inside xD The event started on time. It was the League of Legends Balkan Finals, with the CowboyTV crew at the microphone. Gifts were flying, people gathered, there was a cosplay competition , Greece(The Web) lost the finals (yes we were on the finals!) and Bulgaria(Eternal Devastation) won!

Awesome huh? I wish you could have been there! That's why i have photos for you! :D

Mists of Pandaria Launch Event - Athens, Greece

I'm pretty sure if you are a gamer you already know about the 4th expansion of World of Warcraft and what better way to celebrate than an event. Again hosted by CowboyTV, probably the most beautiful event i've ever been.The team did a great job transforming the place Pandaren wise. The rest it was pretty much like the Diablo III Launch event, but we had some additional dance contests which were really really fun to watch! Again, there was cosplay...hey guess who was there!! Cosplay Corp tadah!!! ALL the costumes were freaking cool, and really there is nothing more to say than enjoy the photos. (Nina came in this one, but she didn't last! I'm to train her a little more!)

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