Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Review: The Book of the Forsaken

A sarcastic storyteller traps three characters in his web in order to get hold of a special book.

Daniel, Cassidy and Igor are three unique individuals, considered outcasts for different reasons. They are about to meet and stick together, as coincidences and forced situations lead them to a journey all around Europe.

As everyone is after the Book of the Forsaken, the coming Game is about to take place on the dark side of the moon. But there is a cost to that knowledge. Let alone to the wish to partake.

"The Book of the Forsaken" got the gold medal on's HarperCollins UK hosted competition on Feb 1. 2012.

The Book of the Forsaken
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 304 (paperback)
Part of Series: The Game #1
Purchased: Review for the author
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Buy: Amazon (US) || Amazon (UK)

Well there are two reasons i accepted the book for review. First,'s fantasy and seems pretty interesting. Second, it's written by a Greek author. And i always try fantasy from Greek authors when i can. This is obviously in English of course and even got an award from HarperCollins.

The the whole book is completely different than everything i've read before. You see the narrator is part of the story. He is the puppet master. He controls the characters..or not. You don't really know what he is doing exactly. You can only guess. At the same time you follow the story of the 3 characters, but there are times he writes about himself or he just writes in first person. Now, i know this seems a little confusing but it's actually easier to follow that you think. I have to say i was surprised so congrats to the author, for actually making the story easy enough to follow despite how many POVs are changing. 

I have to admit the first half of the book was a little weird because you can't really see the connection between the story and the characters clearly. Still, there is something that totally holds you in. The mystery around the book, the plot, the characters, the narrator's cheesy comments? I'm not sure but there was just something that didn't let me stop. And then you get at the second part of the book where pretty much everything is clear. And oh my...the story is really good! With vampires, magic, time travel, action, mystery! It was like a reward for the little confusing waiting of the start.

At the end, you just want a little more. It feels like it ended so fast when i actually took my time reading it. So if you want to try something COMPLETELY unique and original, with bits of fantasy give it a chance. This book holds more than it is letting you see.

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