Friday, May 11, 2012

Game Review: Avacyn Restored - Bound By Strength

If you like teamwork (and overwhelming your opponent), you'll love the "Bound by Strength" deck. The soulbond ability lets pairs of creatures share their powers—but soulbond creatures get the benefit of their abilities only if they're paired with another creature, so it's important to put plenty of them out!
In some cases, pairing two soulbond creatures together is the best play. Sometimes different choices can pay off. If you pair Tandem Lookout and Latch Seeker, Latch Seeker becomes an unblockable creature that lets you draw a card whenever it deals damage to an opponent! And pairing anything to Flowering Lumberknot is a good idea, since this four-mana 5/5 can attack or block only while paired.
Naturally, the deck also has a few tricks in store. Joint Assault gives +2/+2 to any creature, whether it's paired or not—and if it is, the other creature gets the bonus too! Wolfir Avenger's flash ability lets you create a pair when your opponent's not expecting it. Both Nephalia Smuggler and Deadeye Navigator let you exile a creature and immediately return it to the battlefield, which can let it dodge a removal spell or set up a new soulbond pair. And if all else fails, a timely Overrun can quickly end the game in your favor.
If you'd like to personalize the deck, the first move is probably to add in more Wolfir Silverhearts. Other good options include Soul of the Harvest, a 6/6 creature, which lets you draw a card each time you put a creature onto the battlefield, and Descendants' Path, which could net you a free creature each turn.

Bound By Strength Intro Pack
Release Date: 2012
Cards: 60 Card deck + 15card booster
Part of Series: Avacyn Restored (Magic The Gathering)

Here it is guys...the deck you have all been waiting to hear from me. A green/blue deck that has werewolves and wolves in it, and is generally teaming up with green and foresty stuff that will rip you to shreds. The idea of this deck is to combine your forces using a new mechanic called soulbond that gives an ability to both creatures as long as the one with the soulbond is paired with another. The idea is to have 2 soulbonds together to make your soldiers super amazing, but other things work too. This deck offers great customization depending on your enemy. You have to think very carefully when and how to soulbond your creatures since you have to make the best of their abilities depending on your enemy.

Now THIS is my type of deck. Wolves, teamwork, creatures to overrun my opponent with? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! This deck is just amazing and relatively easy to learn but hard to master. You will find it that you will have to make VERY careful decisions on your bonds that will be your salvation or doom. Pairing a crucial attacker with a hex-proof soulbond might enable you to mercilessly maim your enemies that are heavy on spells, while on other times you would be best to hexproof a solid defender or an unblockable creature. I had a BLAST playing with this deck and it is by far my favorite among my 5 decks.I mean what is there not to love? bears and wolves combined with cool looking rangerlike dudes and druidesses? Spells that make your soulbonded creatures even more badass? Or maybe the fact that it has the spell Overrun which practically can finish a game at once? It is a well balanced deck that can hold its own against various situations. It has room for improvements but I am looking forward unleashing my wolves to tear down Yiota's dragons, Silvestro's undead, Filios's artifacts etc etc.

Against Yiota's dragons: I will be honest on this one. I was a bit lucky. I was able to throw down good pairs of soulbonds while Yiota was not so lucky with her dragons. It was an interesting match with creatures dying here and there, but in the end my overrun tore down her defenses with swarming creatures over and taught Yiota who is the TRUE overlord and who is the minion

Against Filio's Mirrodin Deck: The university wars have just begun. I went along with Filios to the library near his university because he wanted to try out his new deck. Poor fellow. I have to admit it wasnt my best dueling days since luck was clearly at Filio's side, but after a few losses when lady luck smiled at me and I had at least some mana to get my monsters down there, it was only a matter of time. And indeed it was decided in time. Despite filio's early victories and my life points falling down close to 10 and bellow, my trusted creatures came through. With the forcemage, both wolfir and a few other wolves and scouts down, FIlios started to lose his footing. As my spells came and I started blockig his creatures I started my counterattack finishing the game with an epic use of Overrun (well with a name and abilities as this card all uses of it are epic). The resulting +3/+3 and trample made sure that Filio's forces were nothing more than bodies scattered across the battlefield (trample means that if my damage is greater then the defenders toughness the remaining points are dealt as damage to the opponent,,,yeah...its that awesome)


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