Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Review: Act of Valor

Act Of Valor - A movie based on the call of duty, the code of honor and valor that every soldier and especially Navy Seals are breed by and show it each and every day they step downrange. And when a call emerges to rescue a CIA agent from the hands of terrorists who wants to harm her and her country, they will be there to answer it.

Act Of Valor
Released: 2012
Runtime: 110 mins
Rating: 4/5 stars
Buy: Amazon (UK) || Amazon (US)

I've waited 2 months to finally see this movie, since Greek theaters thought not best to show real military drama in favor of fake sci fi effects and such. So i am very excited that it has finally been released in blu-ray!! Nearly 2 hours of real black ops missions with a eh...well catchy scenario of some terrorist who wants to blow up America for the hundredth time.... ehh whatever we cant have everything perfect!!!

So the best part of the movie was who else but the Navy Seals themselves!! It depicts real life enlisted navy seals commandos of the seal team seven along with their families, but dialogues besides those in combat situations have problems due to their lack of professionalism in films, but in the other hand the moving moments are many and very touching if you have experienced them yourself somehow. Special effects was again not just very real.. But indeed real!!!live ammo were used throughout the film, explosions not by well placed triggering studio mechanisms, but with real propelled grenades and so many authentic stuff like the tactics that were used by the seals during the filming production. As I have read somewhere the director used these options in order to depict the reality of what these men take on every day in their deployment, and if you ask me...this was one of the best choices I ever had the chance to see in a movie and should be done more often!! Also the last worth mentioning thing was the excellent camera! Even when it was from normal film camera or plane spy camera or the awesome first person perspective of a game it was excellent nevertheless the whole duration of the film!!

Again, very good combat situations, a catchy but much spoken story, live fire ammo and real tactics. And a finale that surely moved me and made me to believe that you don’t have to fear death but embrace it like real heroes do when they go down range for us...

To anyone out there who wants a new kind of American war films it’s a must see!! As for me... I’m going to watch it for the fifth time, ooor prepare for the Sunday airsoft event dressed up as my favorite navy seals! HOORAAAAH!!!!


  1. I am not really into the modern army movies, I prefer science fiction wars. I only had fun with the semi comedy movies of this kind, like the A-team. Sounds nice for the fans of those movies though...

  2. yeaah i know silvestro!!i will man you up dont worry!XPPPP


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