Monday, May 14, 2012

Game Review: Avacyn Restored - Fiery Dawn

The "Fiery Dawn" deck focuses on the power of Humans working together. Since this is an aggressive deck, your primary focus will be to cast creatures and start attacking with them as early as possible.
Many of your cards provide bonuses whenever another creature shows up on your side. Some bonuses, such as those provided by Kessig Malcontents and Vigilante Justice, deal damage to take out potential blockers so you can attack with ease or shorten the game by taking a chunk out of your opponent's life total. Kruin Striker temporarily makes itself bigger, while Goldnight Commander temporarily makes your entire army bigger. Cathars' Crusade is an enchantment that goes one step beyond that: it makes your entire army bigger permanently!
Perhaps the most dynamic card in the deck is Thatcher Revolt. Since it puts three Human tokens onto the battlefield, it can cause your other cards' abilities to trigger three times at once! Of course, it also provides a small army of creatures raring to charge at your opponent. Add in Zealous Conscripts, which recruits one of your opponent's creatures to fight on your side for a turn, and a few damage-dealing spells like Incinerate and Pillar of Flame, and justice will come swiftly indeed.
If you'd like to jack up the damage-dealing potential of this deck, Burn at the Stake and Bonfire of the Damned are both ferocious ways to end the game in a torrent of fire. If, instead, you'd like to increase the number of powerful Humans in the deck, the Innistrad card Champion of the Parish is one of the fiercest fighters you could add.

Fiery Dawn Intro Pack
Release Date: 2012
Cards: 60 Card deck + 15card booster
Part of Series: Avacyn Restored (Magic The Gathering)

 Red/White deck with pissed off humans raising their banners high and flipping off any demon or undead they see? Yeah, count me in guys ,let me get my shotguns? alright bow then. This is supposed to be a fast paced aggressive deck with humans that the general idea is to kick your enemies ass early, or be lucky enough to have some good enchantments on early on so if and when you reach the late game your little human palls are buffed up and psyched for combat (meaning they have many +1/+1 counters on them). Another mechanic used by this deck is a modified version of the battle cry mechanic (all your creatures get +1/+0 when a unit with a battle cry attacks). With this modified version you have the same effect but applying only on humans instead of all your units. Well, considering how this deck is so high on humans its pretty much the same deal. I was pleased to see that as far as other intro packs I have seen this one was pretty well balanced. You had many low cost units with abilities that would enable them to survive and keep you safe for quite some time utilizing mechanics such as Vigilance (the unit doesnt tap when attacking) first strike (the unit deals damage first meaning that it could deal lethal damage without taking any in return) and in the case of Prokopis Vigilantis (Somberwald Vigilante...yes we name our cards now) it deals one damage to each of the blocking creatures meaning that it has the potential of killing of the defenders and dealing damage in the same round. The deck also has some defenses against artifacts and after some additions it has defenses against enchantments too, meaning you can keep the blades high against those annoying mages.

Well, this deck needs either some work or some luck. I have mixed feelings about it, when i had good luck with the cards against Yiota's dragons, the humans were buffed up and ready to go. I do not remember if I won or lost, but I do remember giving Yiota a hell of a time with my little humans attacking with their banners held high. On the other hand after playing it up with some of my own decks ( i get bored sometimes) I have seen that it lacks late game strength meaning I either have to rush in and end the game super fast, or I have to improve the late game ability of my humans. However this deck is a very nice aggressive deck combining some burn elements utilizing a sort of battle cry mechanic that gives you a +1/+0 to all your humans. This deck is worthwile and the very theme of it is just spot on in my opinion. I have high hopes on this deck

VS Filios's Mirran Rebels (Mirrodin deck): Slaughter. Nuff said.... Ok seriously howeve. Me and Filios got together on the library near his university and decided to try out his new deck. His deck is another aggressive deck so pitting it against this deck seemed like it would be a good idea. The games turned to massacres extremely fast. Though I was unlucky most of the time with mana and cards I still managed to kill off plenty of Filio's units before he rammed through my defenses. However at the 2 matches that we both got equally lucky with cards the games turned to full scale battles. Our graveyards were teeming with the dead as we both attacked whenever we had an opportunity. In my victory game however despite Filio's valiant efforts to hold my humans back the sheer force of numbers as well as the +1/+0 they took from their modified battle cry mechanics turned the favor for me despite Filio's actual battle cry mechanics were taking toll.. What can I say, probably the best games in terms of combat


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