Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Review: 11/11/11

Many theories have been heard about that particular day, and many people believe them. There is even a movie about it ( that I haven't watched yet ). In this review I will give you a short list about the most popular theories about 11/11/11.

The number one most popular theory is based on the belief that there is a buried memory hidden inside all humans in a cellural level that is activated when we see the number 11:11 on a clock or electronic device. It happens to many people around the world to see this number every day but they also see countless other numbers every day, so the question this theory tries to answer is why do they remember it so vivid and not discard it like all the rest numbers. More information about who planted those numbers in our cells and why are, sadly, not given in this theory.

There are others of course who believe that this number is not in fact encoded in our cells but it is bound in our soul on a spiritual level and it is connected with some spiritual entities called lightworkers. Their sole purpose is to ensure that our world is always on the "light side" and never let darkness claim humankind. Now what light and darkness in this means is a little vague but aren't all theories like that ? Most common belief are that either light is good and dark is evil or light is knowledge and free will and darkness is the illusion of knowledge and slavery.

Now for what would actually happen on 11/11/11 there is the theory that the lightworkers started working in secret with some selected humans to change the world, but not just the world, to change the way people think, feel and act. That sounds to me like reprogramming but what can a computer programmer say XD
So their plan supposedly started on 11 January 1991 by oppening the first of 11 gates of enlightment. This plan was to conclude in 11/11/2011 by opening the final gate. The supporters of this theory say that the lightworkers never actually said what would happen if the 11th gate was opened so they say it is still possible that the gate was opened but we can't feel the results yet. Others say that the lightworkers somehow failed in their quest.

So after reading all those theories I want to ask you how was your 11/11/11 yesterday ? Did something "special" happen or was it just another day in the calendar ? Also do you believe in any of those theories or even the posibility that there may be truth somewhere under the layers of mythology ?

Personaly I didn't like that day, my PC screen died of old age, today I will hold her funeral in the local church :'(


  1. Thanks for explaning Silvestro, I had no idea....For me it was a plain day and since it was Friday, I had a night out....I'm sorry to hear about your PC screen....R.I.P....

  2. wow my screen came back to life :O
    Weird... but nice :D

    I decided to plug it in for one last try and it was working fine. It seems she was just playing dead to get a day off XD

  3. Nothing interesting yesterday, for me as well. I didn't even know about those things :P Too bad none of them happened. It sound kinda cool eh?

    Are there any theories for 12/12/12?

    @Silvestro: your screen is an evil mastermind

  4. @Yiota: Haven't heard anything about 12/12/12 but I did read that the 11th gate that was supposed to open yesterday would prepare the world to accept the massive change of 21 december 2012.

    And yes my screen observed me and learned many evil mastermind tricks XD

  5. personally i always found the 11:11 very interesting and if i saw it in my phone,watch i would some times make a wish (i heard of that when i was younger).

    actually i can't say that i believe this theory, but i am not surprised that there is one.. it is a very interesting, weird number.

    as for my day, yes something happened, something that is changing me, so i guess my lightworkers work better than yours !!!

  6. Και βέβαια έγινε κάτι "special". Βγήκε το SKYRIM!


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