Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Smurfs

When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world into New York City.

The reason I decided to watch this movie is because of the Smurfs. I remember watching the cartoon when I was little and being fascinating by those little blue creatures. But despite that it never occured me to search more about them when I got older. Anyway, the movie made me bring back memories from when I was little and I used to wake up early in the weekend mornings so I can catch up the cartoons on TV and the time I was a kid in general.

Back to the movie: The movie itself is really good. It has graphics and effects that make the magic places and the Smurfs look real and cute. I liked the way they show New York City, it's not much, since Smurfs are small and they don't travel in long distances, but what they show you is enough. The actors were really good, I mean most of them had to talk to the air while they were shouting the movie and for that I respect them. The only problem I had was the choice of the Smurfs. Some of them weren't that famous and my guess is that they choose those because they were easy to distinguish from long distance. There were many funny moments and most of them were Gargamel's and Azrael's. They all have to adjust to a new way of living and find a solution to accomplish their goals and they all do it with funny, for us, logical, for them, reactions.

Bottom line, I reccomend the movie to the kids and those who want to feel like kids again. I, personally, had a nice time watching it and I spent a funny afternoon.

P.S.: The review above is NOT for the 3D version. Sorry guys, but I'm sure the 3D was more spectacular.


  1. Thanks for the review. Want to see this too.
    I always saw The Smurfs when I small too. Wanted to see also because of Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother. Love that show.

  2. When i first learned about the movie i thought it would be a fail. I mean Smurfs to NY? Why?
    Surprisingly it was a lot better than what i expected and i really enjoyed it! The special effects on the Smurfs are amazing, they look so real!!! I just wanted to have one too! <3

    But i can't say there weren't things i didn't like. Like the smurf with the skirt who was created only for the movie! I mean, you have 99 Smurfs already? Did you really they had to make a new which his character match a lot with an old one?
    And that Smurfette line "i kissed a girl and i liked it"...i find it kinda lame they put it there only cause Katy Perry was voicing Smurfette.

    In general though, i have to say i really enjoyed it and it was fun to watch! XD

    Thanks for your review Nina! Happy you enjoyed too! ^^

  3. Ahh thanks for this review!
    I used to love The Smurfs when I was little and want to see this =)


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