Monday, November 14, 2011

TV Series Review: Downton Abbey ( Season 2 )

The series comprises eight episodes, running from the Battle of the Somme in 1916 to the Armistice in 1918, and covering other historical events such as the Battle of Verdun, the Russian Revolution and the British capture of Jerusalem; on the domestic front there is a serious shortage of able-bodied men for home front jobs. There is also the appointment of David Lloyd George (whom the Dowager Countess despises) as Prime Minister and his creation of the wartime coalition. Matthew Crawley, Thomas, and William Mason are off fighting in the war; Tom Branson, an Irishman, is unsure that he wants to fight for the British; and Lord Grantham cannot serve due to his age. Lady Sybil Crawley defies her aristocratic position and joins the Voluntary Aid Detachment. Filming began in March 2011.

Downton Abbey is seriously one of the best series on TV right now. Even though Season 2 was not as good as Season 1, still i've totally enjoyed it. For a period series they are quite entertaining. I tried before to watch other period series but they were boring. Downton Abbey is not. With 1 hours episodes each time, it manages to keep you interested until the end and still make you want more.
I was watching the new episodes each Monday, along with Lost Girl, Once Upon A Time and Wizards of Waverly Place and not even once, the series had an episode better than DA.

I don't really need to discuss the acting, the cinematography or the music. They are all flawless. They could not have picked a better cast. Everyone is just perfect. And the whole environment is just magical. When it needs to be moody, its moody but when it need to be more happy or spectacular it is. An amazing job really.

For those followed Sn.1, Sn.2 starts some years after the war started and ends some years after the war ends. And while usually we had only scenes at Downton Abbey and the village, we now get some war scenes as well.
What to expect from this season?
-Many new characters. Especially maids and footman. You get to see new people, since some of the old ones either leaved or they fight in the war. And even though, some of them don't say the whole season, they still have their storylines. I have to admit, at some point i was tired we all the new people.
-The story is more romance based. There is a romance story for almost all the characters. It was acceptable though, since war makes the people think differently. What annoyed it one that aspect was Bates story. I mean, all the bad things have to happened to that guy? Come on! He is like cursed!
-Expect deaths
-Maggie Smith as lady Violet once again appears once in a while and steals every scene

There was no much to say. It was mostly a sad season with all that was happening (not only the war) but it definitely keeps you in, especially if you are a big fan of the series.

8 episodes/55mins each
Season 3 was announced for next September.

Cast:  Hugh Boneville (From Time To Time), Maggie Smith (Harry Potter Series), Brenan Coyle (007), Michelle Dockery (Hanna), Joanne Forggatt (See No Evil), Elizabeth McGovern (Clash Of The Titans, Kick Ass), Allen Leech (From Time To Time), Jim Carter (The Golden Compass, Alice in Wonderland), Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors, Dexter), Zoe Boyle (Sons of Anarchy), Iain Glen ( Resident Evil, Tomb Raider), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean )



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