Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Template!


As you can obviously see our new template is on. I didn't make the whole thing but i did some serious coding for sure ^^

I'm currently fixing some small things around, so if you see something that doesn't work please let me know.
As i noticed through various computers though, the new template:
-fit all screens
-loading faster
-is simpler yet cleaner
-has more categories under the reviews tab in the navigation
-has an index with meme posts
-has a slider with some of the latest interesting posts
-an avatar for the ones who put it in their blog will be available soon enough
-sharing links will be available at the end of the posts as well

PLEASE for any problem, let me know. Any comment is appreciated.

And of course...what do you think of it? :D

Thanks in advance! :)
-xoxo, Yiota


  1. It looks great and neat, well done! :D

  2. Our new template looks freaking awesome! Good job misstress!

  3. It is too white and bright for me :'(
    But it is really faster and cleaner and the new slider thingy rulez :D

  4. I love it! Very clean and nice looking! :)


There is lot of spam lately at the posts, so for a while i will put up the comment moderation. Sorry for that, i really don't like it but i thought it might stop the spamming. It will be down soon enough! Thanks a lot :)

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