Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slow Posts

Amazing how a blog, with 6 people writing, is slow on posts going up. I think November is always one of the worst months of the year. The thing is, we are tired.
I know for sure that 4 of us are tired with lessons and trying to keep up with our lives (that's me, Anonymous Minion F, Athanasia and Johnny). Suppose that Silvestro could have the same problems but for some reason it's like nothing changed for him XD

Right now even my imagination is dead, which is something that doesn't happen a lot to me. I guess after hours of programming your mind just becomes one with the computer. And i didn't even spend the same amount on programming like others of my team. There are other stuff happening as well, and the thing is when i get back home even if i know what to write in my reviews, i'm just so bored with thinking (and yes it's thinking since English is not my native language and i need to translate in my mind) that i just want to do something completely useless.

There are currently over 30 reviews waiting to be written. Most of those are mine. I feel really bad for staying behind that much but i will catch up at some point. We are not going to stop blogging, we just blog a little less. But even right now, i'm trying to concentrate on scheduling some posts for next week.

So yeah...just wanted to let you know why the blog is so quite lately.
Stay tuned because i think Johnny might be posting a review in about an hour. Game or Movie, i believe.

-xoxo, Yiota

P.S: I think there are 2-3 people that i haven't sent their giveaway prizes yet. I haven't forget guys. I will try sending them next week.


  1. I don't understand what is the problem with programming... I find it relaxing :P

  2. Just so I can apologize too, I'm having a period that my inspiration and concetration are taking some time off....I hope they return soon....Sorry....

  3. Take your time! I hear you. I think I need a break :P


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