Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 to 1 Movies' Reviews

Amber is a mean but popular girl who gets electrocuted and dies. She is not allowed to enter into heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school become Prom Queen within a week, but things do not go as planned.
Is it bad that i missed high school related movies? Now days we see only paranormal stuff, and i missed those cliche movies with popular and mean girls. Anyway, as you see Teen Spirit is that kind of a movie. It's actually really funny and i like the whole concept of the popular girl who dies and then tries to help the unpopular one. Through the movie you see how both learn things about life and they change and see what's more important to life. And the popular girl in the end, is not still a bitch.
The movie could easily be in the cinemas as well. It's really well done for a TV movie. Nice directing, nice acting, nice combination of music. It deserves more.
So's something we have seen before but can you say you don't like that kind of films? I totally recommend it for a light evening with your girlfriends.

When spoiled brat rich kid Poppy (Emma Roberts) pushes her father (Aidan Quinn) too far with her reckless spending and outlandish behavior, he ships the Malibu princess off to a strict English all-girls boarding school. Under the watchful eye of a no-nonsense headmistress (Natasha Richardson), Poppy is forced to keep her attitude in check and live within a set of boundaries and limitations for the first time in her life.
REVIEW: This is an old movie but i was re-watching some days back so i though to review it as well. I don't count any more the times i've watched this movie. I just love it so much! Yes! It's another typical teenage story but i think it's one of the best.
1. Emma Roberts, a really great and amazing actress in the lead role 2.Alex Pettyfer
3.British mean girls can be as dangerous as the American ones 4.Awesome boarding school which looks like Hogwarts
5.Funny and cute
6.Respect to the headmistress
Pretty much i said everything about it. I have actually put all my friends to watch it. Girls and boys. And as i saw, the boys pretty much liked it too and laugh. After Mean Girls, it's my favorite teenage movie.

Barbie™ stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted girl who is chosen to attend Princess Charm School: a magical, modern place that teaches dancing, how to have tea parties, and proper princess manners. Blair™ loves her classes -- as well as the helpful magical sprites and her new friends, Princesses Hadley™ and Isla™. But when royal teacher Dame Devin discovers that Blair™ looks a lot like the kingdom’s missing princess, she turns Blair’s world upside down to stop her from claiming the throne. Now Blair™, Hadley™ and Delancy™ must find an enchanted crown to prove Blair’s true identity in this charming and magical princess story!
REVIEW: I think all the boys, they want to kill me by now :P Oh well...i promise i will review something more boyish soon.
And okay..yes i watch the Barbie movies. I like them. So colorful and fairytalish. Princess Charm School is the last one it came out and for me it's be far the best. Firstly, they did an amazing job with the animation. They might still move a little like robots, but oh my at the facial expressions!! Then we have the story itself, which maybe for first time it doesn't have a romance for more than 5%. Yes! No romance related. They are only two scenes that includes boys. And lastly, it's more adventurous and funny than any other. Ninja barbies, hacker barbies,clever barbies!! And a mean-good girl. Of course glitter and dresses are a big part of it too.
If you are into those, don't forget to check it out!


  1. I love Wild Child for all the reasons you mentioned, though Alex Pettyfer would be #1 for me....

    I haven't heard of Teen Spirit before, I don't think I would ever check it out if you weren't reviewing....

    You see the Barbie movies too?? I thought I was weird for watching them, I should definetely checj this out....

    Thanx for the reviews....

  2. I can't remember watching a Barbie movie. I'm sure I did, but nothing rings a bell. I do miss the old teen movies, like Meatballs, Sixteen Candles and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories.

  3. @nina: oh the reasons at Wild Child are random numbered for me XD
    I found Teen Spirit by accident. Just remember that ABC release many teen movies for TV each summer ;)
    And of course i'm watching Barbie! i LOVE Barbie!

    @Lena: :)


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