Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Manga Review :Toriko


In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important there is Toriko: a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. He is a man with inhuman skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals to complete his ultimate dinner course. His current accomplice, a weak, timid person, but who was inspired by Toriko's greatness, accompanies him on all his journeys on his quest for the course of his life.


Ok this is whithout a doubt one of the most weird manga i have ever read. Not that it's bad or anything it's just...different,but in a good way of course!

I have to admit the thought that i would read about a guy searching for exotic foods stoke me as a little odd at first...but since the artist of this manga was a co-worker and a good friend of Oda Eiichiro (the writer and artist of One Piece) i gave it a shot and it was worth it! The story is simple:Toriko goes out in the world in search of rare and delicious foods and he encounters all sorts of danger trying to find them but he eventually pulls through them with the help of his partner chef Komatsu who is your run-down-the-mill average Joe.

But Toriko is sort of a super-human due to some Gourmet-shells (i swear thats what they are called!) that are implanted in him giving him super human strenght and regenerative abilites -i mean fgs in one arc he actually lost an arm and with the help of a freaking plant he managed to litterly regrow it!- and he actually "level's up" when he eats real delicious food...riiiiight if i eat like a freaking pig in KFC or/and Fridays that would give muscle like this...done deal!(Freakin fantasy world never comes to life :P anyway!).

So in this manga its all about the food and trust me...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! I mean i caught myself drooling more than once when the discribed some of the dishes in there! Heck i would suggest anyone that suffers from food anorexia to read that manga...after 10 chapters i bet they would be cured!

Bottom line: Good,interesting and funny manga if you don't mind a bit of overexateration,and it's certainly a tasty one!:D

Minion F out!


  1. I'm not actually reading manga, but the guy on the cover is huge and extravagant....And then I read summary and it seemed a little weird.... But I read your review, and I have to say that your writing is very nice and I liked your conclusion....

  2. No idea what manga is this :p Where did you find it? XD
    Is that guy behind, really has pink, blue and white hair?:o

  3. Ohh Yes he does misstress! And the funny thing is...that it's their natural colors -also he has green ones too-:P

  4. a fine example at what eating everything you see can do to you, you will grow rainbow hair !! :P

  5. @Minion F: natural colors? really? lmao!

    @Silvestro: we are eating KFC and we are still okay...don't jinx it.


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