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Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Game Review


The future is here, and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease, and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse, and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. Worst of all, an age-old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes it exists. No one but you.

In Deus Ex, a thrilling role-playing action-adventure game, you play the part of a powerful nanotechnologically augmented antiterrorist agent. It's up to you to stop the conspirators from achieving their goals.


I think it isn't such a good idea for me to do this review for objectivity reasons, I am a big fun of the deus ex series so I loved this game even before it was released, it is like letting Yiota do the harry potter reviews XD

Gameplay: The gameplay is basically the same as the rest of the deus ex games, the standard FPS controls and some nice twists. They created dynamic cutscenes for the melee fights :O I haven't seen that before, well I have seen some failed attempts, but they have made it almost perfect :D
Also they gave a believable reason for unlocking abilities with experience other than the commonly used "we wanted to put RPG elements in the game so we gave you locked abilities, have fun". They said that the brain should get used to each implant before accessing the next one, so by gaining experience with the implants you "get used" to using them so you can use them better, very logical.

Story: the story is too cool to be true, it has nanotechnology, terrorists, giant spider robots, lazer rifles, robotic arms and legs with blades and guns in them :D, biological warfare, it has everything I like, except ninjas, katanas and dragons but well that would be too much.
It starts following the life of an ex-swat security chief in the biggest augment company in the world. ( Augments are artificial implants, either robotic or nanorobotic, that give abilities to humans ). There is an attack in the company and the security guy is beaten to death by the augmented terrorists and left for dead in a flaming lab. The boss of the company found him in the ruins and filled him with implands to keep him alive, so he became something like a supersoldier Darth Vader, but on the light side XD
After that he finds out that 4 scientinsts were killed in the attack and 1 of them was his lover, so he is charged with the job of finding the men responsible, stealing back whatever technology they snatched and killing them for revenge.

Graphics: The graphics are really high tech and veeeeeery high end, Anonymous Minion F don't even try this, your PC may explode :P, I played it on medium settings to have no lagging but I tried the high settings and the graphics were awesome :D
The only mistake I saw was that in the melee fight cutscenes if there were people around it showed them frozen in place and that took something of the scene, it would be much better if they were in slow motion instead of frozen. Also the sunglasses that the main hero wears are sooooo cool I became obsessed with taking cover just to see his face XD
Last thing I want to mention is the perfect blending of dynamic cutscenes with the gameplay, they throw cutscenes during melee fights, breaking through walls, jumping from great hights and on more occasions and they look cool.

Bottomline, it may be the shortest campaign of all the previous deus exes but I think it makes justice to its name, it is a proud member of the deus ex family.

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  1. My PC wouldn't would just catch fire and then melt away:P
    Fgs i need to find money in order to get a better PC so i can at least try the games u review out!

    And it does look cool>.< Me wants PC new:P

  2. My son got his yesterday- FINALLY!!!! .. pff i thought he'd shut it after that but he's continually telling me about his gameplay and how awesome he is.. AGH! lol


  3. @Myzdamena's World: May i suggest something as a solution to your problem?

    Start playing the game, but not just start playing it. BE BETTER THAN HIM!


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