Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shazam: Lydia @ Sensual Ride

Lydia @ Sensual Ride

>Do you get nervous by the color red?
Nope. It's my favorite color.

>Do you believe that bananas would win in an epic siege against apples?
Hmm, while the banana is taller and has a hard head, the apple is tougher and sturdier. Good question, and I'll have to say no. The banana is soft in the middle and the apple could easily take it out.

>Does a demon fox who lives inside you guide your hand while typing ?
Yes, and he won't stop. I keep telling him I don't need the help, but he won't listen.

>Does your pet visit you in you dreams to tell you which review to do next ?
Nah, he's too busy chasing the squirrel and trying to talk me into licking my butt.

>Dulmbedore VS Gandalf. Who wins?
Refuse to answer on the chance that the one I'd say lose come after me to teach me a lesson.

>With which fictional character you have hooked up in your mind?
Jacob Black from Twilight once (not afraid to admit that because Taylor Lautner may suck in those movies, but he's hot) and Adam the Alpha werewolf from Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series.

Can you tell I have a thing for werewolves?

>Weapon of choice?
Gun...simple, fast, and one shot in the right area (head) takes them down. It's why you'll find me constantly yelling at shows and movies to shoot for the head.

>What are you most afraid of?
No control. That and losing my family.

>What would you do if Voldemort hugged you?
Hmm, that's tough. Do I have a wand to fix his teeth and give him a nose so I could kiss him properly? Because really, that's all that's stopping me.

>What would be your first thought if you transformed into a bird?

>How often do you speak to yourself?
All the time.

It's why my parents keep calling me crazy and special.

>If we look under your bed what we will find?
My hunky sex sla- um I meant bed mate Kaiden.

>What's inside your bag right now?
A banana and apple fighting to the death. It's gonna get messy, and who's left to clean it? Me.

>Tell us something in your language
I'm American, so..."What are you? Stupid?"

>Favorite Element
FIRE!!!! Hahahaha.

Um, sorry. Got a little excited there.

>What's your occupation?
I run the Sensual Ride and it's not easy as some would think. I have to keep those hunky sex slaves in line, even the women can get a little out of control.

>Share a guilty pleasure of yours
Kaiden...especially when he reads to me. Yum, his voice gets me hot, hotter when he's reading one of the books I'm going to review.

I'd like them to at least put up some kind of fight. They have a right to defend themselves.

>Do you think that there is a wizard living inside the dvd slot?
Nope, he's in the refrigerator controlling the light. I'll get him one day, mark my words.

Thank you Lisa for answering our questions! And who is Kaiden?


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  1. SO, you have a thing for guns......I like you already! :P

  2. you did well not to answer the Dulmbedore VS Gandalf question, Gandalf would lose and then come back as the green wizard to hunt you *lmao*

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