Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spotlight List: Superhero Movies

* Meme by Small Review *

Superhero Movies

The Incredibles (2004) picked by Silvestro

Electra (2005) picked by Nina

Kick Ass (2010) picked by Athanasia

Thor (2011) picked by Yiota (it's my 2nd choice. 1st was Kick Ass as well)

Batman Returns (1992) picked by Johnny

What's your favorite Superhero movie?


  1. That is so hard..cartoons wise if say incredibles...

  2. Elecktra is so cool. But what confuses me is she the same girl and character from Daredevil? Or different?

    The Incredibles really like the art and design for that movie.

    Now Thor have wanted to see.
    P.S. Mostly because has Natasha Portman.

  3. @Cassandra: Elektra is the same character. I don't know if the events are before or after Daredevil but she is the same girl.

  4. Cassandra: Elektra's first appearance was in the Daredevil comics, where she died (the same happened in the movie too). But, because they all liked Elektra's character, they decided to raise her from the dead and create her own story as well as her own comic series....So, yes, she's the same character....

  5. aaand everyone ignores Batman -_- :P


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