Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shazam: Phanee @ Funny Wool

Phanee @ Funny Wool

>Where is the weirdest place you ever wrote a review?
Well, since I have to use my laptop to write them (and it doesn't work when it's not plugged in), the weirdest place I've written a review would have to be on the floor! Hey, don't look at me like that! It's quite comfortable when the carpets are down!

>Do you get nervous by the color red?
Ummmm... No??

>Do you believe that bananas would win in an epic siege against apples?
No, I am pretty sure the apples would kick the banana's butts! I don't know why, I just think they would!

>Does a demon fox who lives inside you guide your hand while typing ?
Nope, it's a demon otter.

>Does your pet visit you in you dreams to tell you which review to do next ?
No, but if I had one, it might.

>Dulmbedore VS Gandalf. Who wins?
Dumbledore, hands down. I love HP waaaay more than LOTR. But also, Dumbledore has the Elder Wand, so there!

>With which fictional character you have hooked up in your mind?
Leon Grey, from Birthmarked. I love him. And his name! And I hope he's ok, after what happened at the end of the book.
>Do you create stories out of books you read with your own endings and characters?
At the risk of sounding boring, no. Unfortunately, I am as unimaginative as you can get!

>Weapon of choice?
Bow and arrow! There is something so graceful about them! (Plus, they seem safer, because you're at a distance. I'd never survive in hand-on-hand combat).

>What are you most afraid of?
Ummm... Tough one... I'd have to say weird sounds. It doesn't matter if it's dark or light. If I hear a weird sound, I usually end up being absolutely terrified.

>What would you do if Voldemort hugged you?
Good question! I'd hug him back, to see how he'd react! Though I think he'd probably kill me...

>What would be your first thought if you transformed into a bird?
'Oh crap! How did that happen??'

>How often do you speak to yourself?
Not very, but I do when I'm alone in my house... There are way too many creepy noises and I like to feel a little less alone.

>If we look under your bed what we will find?
Drawers. With clothes in them. And dust. And probably a few cobwebs. Exciting stuff!

>What's inside your bag right now?
Purse, student ID, cinema tickets, receipts, sunglasses, normal glasses, a bottle of water, my phone and my iPod. Oh! And a few half finished packets of tissues! I'm pretty sure that's it.

>Favorite Element
Earth. Boring again, but there you have it! I think most people would go for air or water for some reason, but it's always been earth for me!

>What's your occupation?
I am a student! I got my bachelor's degree in Biology and I will be starting an MSc course in October on Molecular Biology and Biomedicine!

>Share a guilty pleasure of yours
Chocolate. In any form. (Except for white. I hate white.)

>Do you think that there is a wizard living inside the dvd slot?
Yes! And he's called Laser! :P

Thank you Phanee (a fellow greek blogger!) for answering the questions! ^^ Earth element is not boring! It can be awesome!


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  1. A fellow archer lover. I am not an earth element dude but i like earth as an element! GREETINGS! from me!

  2. OMG this was too funny :-D !
    It's always neat to get to know fellow bloggers better!!

  3. another bow and arrow fun :(
    don't empower Johnny's army of bow funs :P

  4. I love love love that Toph is at the bottom of this, she's BAS-ASS.

  5. Ugh, that was supposed to be BAD-ASS.


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