Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight, Movie Review

Four years after graduation, an ackward high-school genius uses his sister's boyfriend's Labor Day party as the perfest opportunity to make his move on his high-school crush.

There is no particular reason for me watching this movie. I just saw the trailer, liked the whole 90's style and thought of giving it a try.

The story is simple. On a party, couple years after their graduation, a guy meets the girl he always wanted in high-school and starts flirting with her, now that he's all cool and more different from his geeky style, while she is still the beauty she was back then. With him, he has as company, his best friend, who thinks he's cool, while he's not, and his twin sister, who's completely different than him.

Good things: I liked the style and the places and, in general, the whole directing part. I liked the acting too. The last time I saw Topher Grace was in Spiderman and he was covered with some kind of black thing (This time, though, he's wearing a suit in a really nice way that fitted him just fine). Last time I saw Teresa Palmer was in I Am Number Four and I couldn't recognize her as Six in this one (Seriously, I searched her on line and when I read she was staring there, I thought "No way! She's Six?"). As for the other two main characters, Anna Faris and Dan Fogler, I've seen them in this sort of films already.

Bad things: The twins, there was a moment in the beginning that I thought they are twins, but in the whole movie, they were more like brother and sister. They didn't have a stronger bond. But their acting was good. Another part was the story. A guy is supposing to have this party every year, but it felt like it was a reunion, since the "classmates" haven't seen each other since high-school.

Bottom line, I found the movie funny and romantic and I really liked it. I'll recommend it to you by saying it's simple and not unique and it shows how some people can change through time and what you can achieve if you have a little more comfidence. I had a nice night watching it, but if you feel like you're tired from romance comedies or you hate 90's style, I'll tell you to re-think before watching it.

P.S.1: I actually saw the movie twice, because the first time, I was tired and couldn't really focus on. But the feelings were the same both times.
P.S.2: DON'T watch the movie with a parent near or with you. I was watching it on the living room and I could hear both my parents murmuring the songs in it. It was a little disturbing I can say.


  1. For me it had some good moments, but i can't say i really enjoyed it. I was quite bored after the first half. I did watch it all though XD Totally loved the music ^^

    I liked everyone except Dan Fogler. For some reason, he annoyed me too much!

    Thanks for your review Nina :)

  2. I liked that movie, it was a bit different from the typical movies of its type. Pointless true but nice

  3. Yiota: I cannot believe you watched a whole movie, even though you were bored....Congrats....
    Johnny: Glad you liked it, though I didn't know you were watching this type of movies....

  4. I love to see comedic actors do a serious role. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Stranger Than Fiction are actually my favorites from those two actors. I admit I'm more of a comedic type, but the fact that they did them so well and so convincing I think made them my favorites.

  5. i hated the movie, it was so boring and pointless, the actors were nothing impressive and during the whole movie i was thinking about Anna Faris really bad plastic surgery (her lips)...

    i didn't like the story and the 90's theme...

  6. oh and i forgot to mention how easy she had sex with him, he just kissed her and she took her clothes off!!! it was really fake because she was supposed to be the girl he couldn't have...

  7. Firstly: She had a plastic surgery, really??

    Secondly: Since you don't like the 90's, why did you see it in the first place??

    Laslty: Relax dear, you make me think your on the verge of a heart attack....

  8. @nina: haha the last comment was really funny !!!

    yes she had a plastic surgery and it was a bad one!! i saw it because i didn't understand what it was really about...


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