Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie Review: The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1

The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

I believe I'm the only person writing on this blog who has absolutely no problem with the whole Twilight thing. So, I'll take the chance to not only review the movie, but also express my opinion.

Before we start let me just tell you that I am not a fan of the books, nor the movies. I think of them as another addition in my "Read" and "Seen" lists and that I find drawbacks too. It's a new story that made the whole world talking about it. It changed lot of things and made the vampires the new trend, in a point that you got sick of them.

About the books:
Even though they are huge and heavy (at least the greek editions), they seriously lack of adventure and they are boring. You keep reading and you are moving really slow. You have many good descriptions about the nature and all, which is fine, but the rest are just boring. I think that the choice of keeping track on Bella's mind wasn't that good, and since Bella isn't the most fun person on Earth don't help either. The first book flies by, since it's something new and unique. The second is not that good since there are many lingering scenes where Bella is mourning and thinking of Edward in everything she does. You see adventure in the third book and when you start thinking that you are on a good path, you loss it again on the fourth. Now, the end was satisfing, you couldn't expect something more, and the fact that every deal is closed was a good thing. Obviously, the fact that vampires sparkle wasn't a good choice, but I get that the author wanted to create a kind of daywalking vampires without loosing the whole I'm-burning-in-the-sun kind of vampire.

About the movies:
As in all the movies, the actors bacame immediately superstars, in the point that from now and on you are going to compare them with those particular roles. Which is bad, because I've seen them in other movies and TV episodes, and they all can do much more that being emotionless vampires. But they couldn't do much about it, because this is the way they are presented in the books too.

About Breaking Dawn Part 1:
My first thought was that making the movie in two parts was bad and that they were just copying other productions. But seeing the movie made me change my mind. Even though they skipped many meaningless parts of the book, they also add some others and they made it look more real and simple, not the artistic mody thing they were showing you in the previous ones. The characters feel more mature and natural and the places and decorations are amazing. It felt more balanched since you equally see all the characters, Edward and Bella, the other vampires and the werewolves. Also the movie shows you many parts that were kinda confusing in the book, like how the Imprint of a werewolf looks like, and how the wolves were sharing thoughts. There were also some scenes I didn't really like, like the disagreement between the werewolves and Jacob, that happened while they were in the form of wolves, and the whole scene, even though it looked realistic, good job in the special effects, seemed a little too loud and weird, and the scene where Bella is giving birth, seemed a little too panicky, what I didn't really liked in this particular one, was the way the director decided to present it, not the actors' reactions. There were no sparkling moments, although many vampires were outdoors during day time, and the whole movie looked more colorful and happy.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed it and liked it, and I had a great time with my friends, so good that I think it kinda effecting my review. Anyway, if you are a fan, you are going to like it, but if you're not, you might want to skip.

P.S.: I would really appreciate if you guys did NOT write any bad words in your comments. I hear your thoughts and agree with them, please respect mine.


  1. Thanks for the review Nina. I liked that you tried to explain good and bad.
    Breaking Dawn was my worst book, and after your explaining still i can't see a reason for 2 parts but never know. I'm gonna be watching when it comes out in DVD.

  2. Dont worry as a fan of the original series i agree with you for the fact that the fourth book was the worse from the entire Saga. Not that it didnt had it moments but over all wasnt that great as the previous.

    And for the movie welll i cant really say that much since i Did like it and enjoy it and you obvious not that much.

    But i can give you a clear answer that the only reason they might decide to do 2 movies is : 1 The success Harry Potter had with those 2 movies and decide to do it as well and 2 the book was too huge to include all these things into just only part.

  3. How come my comment disappeared? LOL :P

  4. I actually find it disturbing that teens around the world actually relate and take the characters from the book-movies as role models.

  5. Yiota: Thnx, I that was my purpose....And, yes, a comment dissapeared....

    Maria: You're talking to Yiota, right, cause I kinda lost it??

    Lisa: Thank you, I saw your previous comment, I think you were telling you liked my review??

    Johnny: Actually that was one of the things I wanted to write, but had no more space, it's huge the way it is. Don't worry, there is always the 2nd part....

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