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Author Interview: A.Demethius Jackson

Do you remember my review on The Realmsic Conquest? And epic tale written in verse? Well here it is an exclusive interview with the author as well! You can find links for everything at the end of the post.

Also take a look at some amazing concept art from DeviantArt!

A. Demethius Jackson, is a graduate of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, DC. His written works span numerous forms of media such as music and television, and he has held positions at national and international media companies. 

-Try to describe your book in one sentence.
The only magical kingdom in existence fights to end an eternal war.

-Your genre in The Realmsic Conquest is Epic Fantasy right?. You did that on purpose, or you just start writing?
Hahaha. It was a little of both. Initially, I wanted to create a story in a traditional epic style. But after a few pages, the story and its characters took on a life of their own.

-What inspired you to write, you took any ideas from other books, movies etc?
I think growing up as an only-child is what did it. I spent a lot of time by myself and developed a very active imagination. I believed everything around me had a story, from the guy walking down the street, to the tree outside my bedroom window. I would daydream about what their personal stories were. And as I grew older, I got into the habit of writing them down and further developing them. Nowadays, just like when I was younger, inspiration comes from everywhere!

-Did you do any research before start or during of the writing of the books?
Before I started writing Realmsic, I had previously read a number of classic epics and was familiar with their general structure and story elements. However, I didn’t want to force Realmsic to rhyme because I feared it would become over-complicated and hard to follow. So I began reading Dr. Seuss books. The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham were classic examples of effective story-telling through rhyme. So, I followed their example by keeping the rhyming in Realmsic as simple as possible.

-Which scenes were the hardest to write?
I’d have to say Chapter Six. This was the conversation between Empress Saraya and Fable, the Archive keeper. Within this scene, Fable moves the story forward by disclosing the magical history of the Realmsic Kingdom. Additionally, he analyzes their current predicament – the critically injured King, and the darkening sun phenomenon. Those seven pages within the story took almost two weeks to write and edit. The hardest part of the process was presenting a logical flow of events that still made sense in rhyme. But I'm very happy with the end result.

-How long has it taken you to write a book ?
Realmsic was a concept I created as a teenager. After studying epic-adventures in school, I got inspired to write one myself. The first version was hand-written and took about a month to complete. I rediscovered it years later as a grown-up and expanded the story. But, because I was working full-time, I could only write during my lunch breaks and weekends. So the entire writing process took a little over a year to complete in this manner.

-What’s the best part of writing for you?
Character development. Definitely! I know it sounds crazy to say this, but in my head, these characters are already alive. So I don't feel like I'm creating them, but more so meeting them. The more I use them in scenes, the more I discover their personalities and habits.

-Are you reading or writing something else at the moment?
Yes. I’m currently expanding Realmsic into two projects - a non-rhyming book series and an animated series. The purpose of the epic-poem was to introduce the story as something new, creative, and different. Now that the book has a loyal following, the non-rhyming series will provide an opportunity to build upon the Realmsic universe and its characters – which was somewhat limited within the rhyming format. The animated series is a long-term project. However, much of its development is already completed, including a potential celebrity endorsement.

-Did you have support at the beginning and/or during your writing? Did you always had in mind to be a writer or it just happened?
I think becoming a professional writer officially hit me in high school. By that time, I had accumulated a large collection of written work that included short and long stories, poetry and also songs. My English teacher at the time was perhaps the first person outside of my family who encouraged me to write. She taught me the essentials of effective writing, and through her guidance and inspiration, not only did my writing ability increase significantly, but I also realized for the first time ever that I actually could become a professional writer.

-How important you find the communication between you and your readers? Do you reply to their messages or read their reviews?

Communication in any relationship is very important. Therefore I make an effort to personally respond to every message I receive. So far, all readers I’ve spoken to have been very positive and supportive of Realmsic.

-Are you working on any other projects except writing, right now?
Aside from my regular hobbies, unfortunately no. Writing is all that I’m currently working on. A project usually consumes my life until its completion, so I try to only work on one at a time. However, just like Realmsic, one specific project may have several components to it.

-Something special you want to share with us?
In addition to writing, I’m also a musician. I’ve played piano for 18 years.

Now some simple questions and more fun^^
-Your favourite books and author?
I usually enjoy reading non-fiction such as biographies and tech books. But when I do read fiction, it's either Fantasy or Mystery; for example, Terry Goodkind or J.D. Robb.

-Your favourite band/singer?
Maaaan, that's hard to say. I've got favorites for almost every musical genre and era. But currently I'm rockin' Blue October/Alicia Keys.

-Twitter or Facebook?

-Favourite place in the world?
California Baby!!!

-Last movie you watched at the cinemas?
That Ben Stiller movie… Bank Heist.

-The last book you’ve read?
Programming in Objective-C, by Stephen G. Kochan. Surprisingly, when I'm writing fiction, I don't usually read a lot of fiction.

-Have you ever googled yourself?
Not myself, but I google Realmsic all the time.

-Writing, reading or hanging out with friends?

I have a very small friend circle that I enjoy hanging out with. But it's very hard to connect with each other nowadays. Everyone is so busy with work and family. Thank goodness for Xbox live!

-If you wouldn’t be a writer, what you would be?
I have a technical background in television and film, but I've always wanted to be a tv producer.

-And last one....printed or ebooks?
Although I usually prefer printed, I really love ebooks! I have an entire library on my iPad.

Thanks a lot for your time :) You actually seem like an amazing and fun person to hang around ^^

The Realmsic Conquest - REVIEW
Throughout its history, the kingdom known as the Realm has never known peace. From its establishment, it has possessed the gift of magic, which is a treasure that exists no other place in the world! As a result, the Realm has endlessly defended itself against conquerors, but now faces its greatest peril. As our heroes battle the wicked and unlock mysteries, they must also face overwhelming circumstances as they are guided by ancient lore on a quest to find the greatest treasure their kingdom will ever know… peace 

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