Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Movies' Mini Reviews: Geek Charming & A Cinderella Story III

Based on the popular young adult novel of the same name, Geek Charming follows a snobby high school girl who has her perspective challenged when she becomes the subject of a self-proclaimed film geek's documentary. In the movie, spoiled Dylan Shoenfield (Hyland), Woodlands Academy's most popular junior, accidentally drops her designer handbag into the mall fountain and the school's film geek, Josh Rosen (Prokop) jumps in to retrieve it. Although Dylan would not usually interact with Josh, to return the favor, she agrees to be the subject of his documentary for the school film contest - with the hope that the film will help her win the coveted Blossom Queen crown. While Josh sets out to make a hard-hitting film about Dylan and her social hierarchy, once the cameras start rolling he sees there's more to her than meets the eye.

TV Movies are always low budget but that doesn't mean they can't be fun. Especially the Disney ones ^^ . Geek Charming except an obvious romance between a geek and the popular girl, it goes deeper and show us how the life of a popular girl is, her secrets,her feelings and everything which was an interesting take for a teen movie. Apart from that i can the acting was okay. Average or below but i didn't expect much anyway. Most of the actors are new or have done small jobs before except of course Hyland who stars at Modern Family. She was actually the main reason i watched the movie because i wanted to see her in something different. There is no much to say really, in general is a really average movie but it has some really good moments and it's good for a watch when you are out of movies (if that can ever happen).

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song (previously known as A Cinderella Story 3 ) is a 2011 romantic comedy directed by Damon Santostefano and starring Lucy Hale and Freddie Stroma . The film will be released direct-to-DVD by Warner Premiere somewhere in fall 2011.

Really there is not much difference in the movie than A Cinderella #2 except the fact that instead of dancing we now have singing. I found it really poor done, in comparison both the previous movies and no reason for it to exist. It had some good moments now and there, but was way predictable and something boring. There wasn't much singing either and the songs weren't that nice too. Also it's really small so it goes before you even notice it. Lucy Hale is a good actress but you can't stay she stands out for her work in this one. Only interesting change, was how the stepsister wasn't than mean as the previous movies and instead of a 2nd stepsister, you have an 8 year old genius step brother. My opinion: skip it.


  1. I saw Geek Charming a while back.
    Really enjoyed the watch.
    Like you mentioned wasn't bad at all.
    Never had seen Holland before but would be interested seeing her in other projects again.

  2. I couldn't finish A Cinderella Story III and I love movies like that. It was just horrible. I can't believe they pay people to write drivel like that. A high school creative writing class could do better.

    Geek charming was cute.

  3. too much 16 years old problems for me..

  4. @Cassandra: you should watch Modern Family then!!! It's simply awesome!

    @Sara: i know right! They could have done something a lot better with the money.

    @athanasia: huh?


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