Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: The Realmsic Conquest

The Realmsic Conquest is a fantasy epic-adventure based upon a magical kingdom known as the Realm. From its establishment, it has remained the only kingdom in existence that possesses magic. As a result, it has never known peace.
For countless centuries, the Realm has defended itself against conquerors seeking control of its power. But now facing its greatest peril, the realmsic heroes must battle the wicked, face overwhelming circumstances, and follow ancient lore to obtain the greatest treasure their kingdom will ever know… peace.
Written as an epic-poem, the story is easy to read and follows the tradition of other epic works such as The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf.

The Realmsic Conquest by A.Demethius Jackson
Paperback, 100 pages
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Has anyone ever read a story in verse before? I mean a whole book, not just some lines....well.. i have not, and it was one of the main reasons i really wanted to try this book (apart the story of course). I have my doubts about it, but i can say it was one of the most enjoyable reads i've done lately.

For starters, the whole epic-poem thing, create an atmosphere like was in one of those inns in the epic fantasy stories and i was about to hear a song for an epic tale from a bard. It was actually way better than i expected!

It was a story about a hero of a prophecy who after saving the realm, he has do it again. With adventures, battles, wars, magic! A classic epic fantasy story. There is no much character development like in books, or much depth into characters and descriptions but it an entirely different experience. You feel the story in a different...a more old way and it's really interesting and entertaining.

In case you are wondering you will have difficulty with the verse thing, i can tell you not to be afraid. It's actually really easy and I, which English is not my native language, had no problem understanding and connecting with the story at all. And even then, at the end of the book there is summary of each chapter and you can also read the story from there without missing parts.

As i said at start, it was one of the most enjoyable read i had lately. It's small and goes away fast and it has something different and unique in it. Plus one recommendation from me.

Verse example from the book:
1. I walked to a window with thoughts in my mind
2. of times in my life when the sun would shine.
3. When the skies were so calm and so blue and so clear,
4. in a world with no wars and no worries or fears.

1. But now as i see it, that era has past,
2. and knowing that....

What was that?

1.Kelm instalntly ran to the window in fright
2. what once was the morning was turning to night

Book received by Pump Up Your Book for review.


  1. OH WOW!! I wasn't expecting that!! Simply WOW!! Sems like fun to read....Thnx for the review!!

  2. ADJ is working on a full non-rhyming Realmsic series. A lot of the back story and character bios can be found on the realmsic website:

  3. @DarkProphet: thanks for the link! :)


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