Friday, December 23, 2011

Movie Review: That's What I Am

Set against the backdrop of the mid-sixties, That's What I Am is a coming-of-age story which follows 12-year-old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student whose English teacher, Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), pairs him on a project with the school's biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley (aka Big Red). When Andy watches Stanley fearlessly confront a school bully, a series of events is unleashed, which changes the lives of both young men – and their teacher – forever.

Molly Parker portrays Andy's mother, Sherri. Daniel Roebuck plays Andy's father, Jim. WWE Superstar Randy Orton portrays Ed Freel, the father of the bully reprimanded by Simon. When Freel's son spreads a lie about Simon, Ed repeats the accusation and begins a campaign to get Simon fired. Mia Rose Frampton has been cast as Mary Bell, the prettiest girl in the school, who is also known as the preeminent make-out artist of the eighth grade. Amy Madigan plays Principal Kelner, whose decision to suspend a school bully has devastating and unforeseen consequences.

I can only say wow. It really doesn't surprise me anymore that many of the most unknown movies are just really really good! And That's What I Am is exactly .

Telling the story of a boy who has to partner with the kid everyone laughs and how he works it out. We see how much he changes, and understands better what the other is going through only if we are in their position. And at the same time, we see how a kid who thought he suspension from school was unfair by a simple lie his destroys a persons life. How that affects everyone and in the end how important are really what the other is in our jobs or simply in our every day life.

The acting is great from kids to adults, the script and everything being said has meaning. And while the movie is a bit heavy for kids, it's still is a good way to see the POV of many people around them. It doesn't matter if it was set in the '60s, you can still see everything that happens in our days. Even when most of us have more open minds, it's amazing how some things never change. Bullying and rumors are two things in everyone's life, and the movie shows exactly their power.

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  1. yiota thanks for the suggestion! i saw it and i really liked it! the movie was so sweet and touching.. you are right that bullying and rumors are two things in everyone's life, it was a very interesting approach..

    all the actors were great at their roles too..


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